Monday, February 27, 2006


Lookie what I got!

On my way in to the apartment complex tonight, I stopped at the mailbox to see what the postman brought us today. Of course, there was the usual assortment of Williams (also known as "bills") and other mailbox clutter. Also... a plain brown envelope from Tennessee addressed to Kim. Hmm... I wonder what this could be... ;-)

Anyway... I bring it all in, show the lot to Kim and she proceeds to tell me to open the plain brown envelope...

Well... Enough suspense! This is what I found inside:

(One of the few pictures of the elusive Mrs. gC!)

Suffice to say, I was amazed to find Kim inside the envelope holding this pattern! Okay, she wasn't in the envelope herself. But the thing that she ordered for me was!

It is a pattern by Little House Needleworks called "Coffee Menu" and -considering how much I like coffee and related items- I REALLY like this one! After looking at the actual pattern, I feel that it will be a fairly quick stitch. Of course at this point that is a relative comment, considering how much time I have spent on "The Red Bicycle"; almost 2 monthes at this writing. Not that it has not been time well spent. I am about half way through the project and it is looking very good. Can't wait until it is totally done. :-)

And speaking of coffee, thanks to Christine for posting the link to the celtic heart.
I am going to twist Kim's arm just enough to get her to print it off for me. I being of Danish heritage and Kim being of Irish lineage, I think you can agree that we will both enjoy it lots and lots once I get it finished! Thanks muches bunches and lots more too!!!

Well, enough excitement for one day. I wish you all well and good and happy stitchy!

Saturday, February 25, 2006


The Red Bike Diaries: Episode VII

Now we're getting somewhere!

Here I am again! And as promised, I have an update post on my project. You know, it is amazing how beneficial a little time off can be for you when you aren't feeling well. And not just because it helps you to recouperate from your ickies! ;-)

As you can see, much of the tree stuff is coming along very nicely. Granted, it has been a bugger and a half getting all of those leaves to stay put -they are not very closely spaced- but once I got started I just kept on going and going and... well, you get the idea. ;-)

I am starting to lean more and more towards not doing the sky stitches in the upper right hand corner. The more I see my progress, the more I think that it will be over much to stitch those stitches. The color of the fabric there is just too close to the colors used in that part of the pattern. (Not the best pic, but you can kind of get the idea...) Anyway, I am thinking that no stitches will be good stitches. ;-)

Oh, and check this out..
. One day while Kim and I were in Wal-Mart, I went to the liquor aisle to get my carbonated water (kind of a fill-in for all the soda I used to drink) and look what I found! It a French wine called "Red Bicyclette" Vintage 2003. ;-) This was so wild! Methinks that it is a sign of a good finish for this project. And, like most Big Events, I am planning on saving this for when I am all done and completed. Who knows? Mayhaps I will find some red bicycle wine glasses before I am done and Kim and I will be able to properly toast my completion.

Kim has just finished watching "Sleepless In Seattle", so I better go and help her get the tears out of her eyes... ;-p

Until next time, keep stitching and keep being happy!



Boris Karloff as the Frankenstein Monster...
Hello and welcome back once again. As the famous quote says, "The rumours of my untimely demise have been greatly exagerated." (Granted I did the exagerating, but you get the idea...)

Anyway... I have returned from The land of The Infirm after about a week of not feeling so goodness. Suffice to say, that I feel much better than I did. I am still a little bit cludgy at times, but am in better shape than last week. I mean, the first sign that things were getting better was that my appetite returned and believe you me I have been making up for lost meals. Er, time I mean. ;-p

So, without further delay I will let you go for now so that I can create a post in regards to The Red Bicycle. (Give me a couple of hours and it will be done...)

Until then, walk tall and feel lively!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Notes from the infirmary

Well... maybe not a real infirmary... but I have been infirm for a bit here so...

As those of you who may read Kim's blog may know, I have managed to catch her cold. :-( A real nasty one too. Well, maybe not quite that nasty... But nasty enough. Suffice it to say that -believe it or not- I would rather be at work and slightly bored, than here and sick. Granted, I am managing to get lots done on The Red Bicycle project -pics to follow later- and I am catching up on my resting time, but I would much rather be doing it with a full volume voice and an emptier feeling head. (Can't talk and now I'm all plugged up...) That, and I am sure that the very cold weather that we had at the tail end of last week helped to conspire against me. Cold, dry air and I don't get along very well. And I have a tendency to get nasty sinus related colds at this time of year. Lovely, eh?
Oh well... I suppose that I have dodged the sick bullet long enough. ;-)

Not really much that I can think of to blog about at the moment. I am hoping to be feeling much better in the next couple of days or so -at least, that is what I am hoping for- so I might maybe have something else new and interesting to blog about then. Who knows? Maybe I will post an update pic or something... ;-)

Until then, everybody stay happy and healthy!

Thursday, February 16, 2006


And one more thing...

I need some input from whomever might have something to put forth... (More of a 'I would like your opinion, please' kind of thing...)

Anyway... When faced with 2 situations that you are wanting -or thinking that you are wanting- to do (or stitch, or whatever) how do you decide which way to decide? (Okay, that made a lot of sense...) I guess what I am trying to get out here is this: as I have said before, I have been considering doing the Celebrate Cycling charity ride in May. I haven't signed up for it yet, but there is still about 3 months' time to decide. Or decide not to decide, if that may be the case....

And why the quandry? Well... There are a couple of reasons. The first -and
probably the main- reason is the fact that I am not the best at asking folks for donations. (I can do it, but I tend to over think the 'going up and asking' part.) The other reason is the fact that I got an e-mail the other day informing me of another charity ride that is the day before the CC ride. This one is a 'straight' ride. By that I mean that you don't have to ask folks for pledges; just sign up and ride. The money you pay to register -after expenses, that is- goes to the charity that the organization is putting the ride together for. Very appealing to me, someone who is a bit pledge-phobic. (Is that even a phrase?!?) Granted, the very reason for a 'charity ride' (well, some of them at least) is to raise money for charity. I guess I am just not the go and get money type of guy...

Anyway... Call me indecisive, but this is one of those things that i have been overthinking about lately. AND I just had to get that out of my head. (Ah... no more ringing noises... lol) If you want to respond to this... ramble... then please do. If not, I won't mind. Like I said, I just needed to get that mental clutter out in the open. ;-)

Until next the next time that I have something to say, sensible or not, have a good time and be happy!


The Red Bike Diaries: Episode VI

"gC" Stands for "green Color"

Hello again... I thought that it might be a good idea to post a posting. Tonight seemed like a good time. ;-) That and I finally took a couple of pics with the New Cam. (Of course, only this one was good enough to show...)

It is always interesting to see how a project emerges from a blank piece of fabric. This one is deffinately no exception. For some strange reason, I am only really able to see my progress on a project in the pics that I take of it. Like I said, strange... Am I the only one who is wierd like that?!? Just a thought...

Let's see... What else to talk about? Well, our warm weather is now a thing of the past. For now, at least... Yes folks, we have white slick snow stuff on the ground and thick warm coats on our backs. Oh, and ice on the windshields of our cars too. And on the roads... Anyway, it is cold out there and it looks like it will be for a while yet. (Oh boy, oh joy...)

As for my recumbent post... well... I don't really have any more than the following link: I did a Yahoo! or Google or some other search, and the link there seemed to be the best thing that I could find for an informative note about recumbents. I am still planning on doing a post specifically about Grape, but for now the link is about all I have to offer... What can I say? I have been a bit out of sorts of late... ;-)

ANYWAY... lol >gigling< watching "Dancing With The Stars" right now, and the old guy judge made a ha-ha... As the host guy said, "he gets the award for the best impression of a hardened artery"... (If you watched the show, you know what part I am referring to.) lol

Um... I guess I am out of words for now, so I better let you all go for now. We have a 3 day weekend coming up so I may actually put together that recumbent post. Or maybe just work more on The Red Bicycle... Stay tuned (and believe me, I DO really appreciate it) and I will post at you next time!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


The Red Bike Diaries: Episode V

There's a tree growing in my project!!!
Welcome back! As you can see, I haven't been totally idle since my last post. A little out of sorts perhaps, but not entirely idle. ;-)

I have pretty much finished the 'ground'. There are a few places at the upper end of it where there are more stitches, but for the most part it is done. Now I am on my way up. To the upper half of the project, that is. The color of the 'wheels/tires' is the same as the color of the 'tree trunk' so up into the tree was a good direction to head.

In regards to a comment from Nancy in Illinois, yes this project is indeed stitched on a 14ct, hand-dyed fabric. It is one of Kim's, as a matter of fact. As I may have mentioned in a previous post, the subtle hints of pink and green that Kim managed to create in it were a perfect compliment to the colors in the 'sky' in the upper part of this project. (Believe me when I say that the progress pics I take don't really do this fabric justice...)

And speaking of pics... (drum roll please) Kim was so taken by the fact that I really didn't like the other, cheaper camera that we had bought me that she decided to give me a NEW camera for Valentine's Day! Granted, it is a couple of weeks premature... But hey, we were at the store, the camera was at the store, and things just fell into place. (Pics with New Camera coming soon...)

In closing, I just want to send a note out to FLYBYU and say that yes, Grape is a Vision (brand) recumbent bicycle. I have been planning on doing a "Interesting Facts To Know And Tell" post about it sometime in the future. Probably this weekend, if things work out right. Stay tuned and see...

Until then, happy stitchy!!!

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