Monday, February 27, 2006


Lookie what I got!

On my way in to the apartment complex tonight, I stopped at the mailbox to see what the postman brought us today. Of course, there was the usual assortment of Williams (also known as "bills") and other mailbox clutter. Also... a plain brown envelope from Tennessee addressed to Kim. Hmm... I wonder what this could be... ;-)

Anyway... I bring it all in, show the lot to Kim and she proceeds to tell me to open the plain brown envelope...

Well... Enough suspense! This is what I found inside:

(One of the few pictures of the elusive Mrs. gC!)

Suffice to say, I was amazed to find Kim inside the envelope holding this pattern! Okay, she wasn't in the envelope herself. But the thing that she ordered for me was!

It is a pattern by Little House Needleworks called "Coffee Menu" and -considering how much I like coffee and related items- I REALLY like this one! After looking at the actual pattern, I feel that it will be a fairly quick stitch. Of course at this point that is a relative comment, considering how much time I have spent on "The Red Bicycle"; almost 2 monthes at this writing. Not that it has not been time well spent. I am about half way through the project and it is looking very good. Can't wait until it is totally done. :-)

And speaking of coffee, thanks to Christine for posting the link to the celtic heart.
I am going to twist Kim's arm just enough to get her to print it off for me. I being of Danish heritage and Kim being of Irish lineage, I think you can agree that we will both enjoy it lots and lots once I get it finished! Thanks muches bunches and lots more too!!!

Well, enough excitement for one day. I wish you all well and good and happy stitchy!

So this is Kim! She looks just like I imagined! Shy and discrete! But so warm and sensitive and clever and ... you can complete the whole, Greg!
The coffee project looks great, you spoilt DH!
Your red bike is coming along nicely! This is a tough project for someone like me, so needless to say how impressed I can be!
Have you made a final decision about that charity ride?
Take care!
PS: Looks like you're feeling better after that nasty cold! Isn't coffee -and all related items- magic?
What an interesting pattern... I shall have to look into it more closely - like have it on my kitchen wall!

Glad to hear you followed up on the link - I was lax in sending you the email.
Bea did this design not that long ago, and it seemed to be a fairly easy stitch. If you can work on the red bicycle than the Coffee sampler shouldn't give you too many fits. Have fun with the stitching.
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