Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Turkey Breasts

And turkey feathers and another turkey and a tree and ... Well, look at the picture below and you will get the idea:

This is the latest update picture of the Turkey Project for Kim's mom. I think I am making pretty good progress. It is deffinately not The Red Bicycle, that's for sure! I can honestly say that I am surprised at how fast this is going. I am guessing that I will be done in about a week or two...

Oh wait, that may not be right...
I am planning on taking some time off next week and Kim and I are going to go and a bit of a trip to Des Moines. We are planning on visiting a large cross stitch store and a couple of bike shops too. AND Kim got us reservations in a very nice hotel very close to the new mall in town. Should be a fun time. Especially since we haven't really gone on a 'vacation trip' since... well... we got married. Eeek! No wonder I have been all... icky... the last few little whiles. (Although, I still think it has been the weather...)

Let's see... What else? Well... I am in the process of -once again- reformatting the W.I.P. bike into something differrent. Before, I had it set up with a 'moustache' style handlebar (...think about an old style gentleman's moustache...) and a shifter that just shifted the rear gears; which basically made it into a 7 speed bike. Well, the way the brakes were set up that way, they didn't work very well. So... I have changed out the moustache bars for the stock 'comfort' bars and will be re-installing thumbshifters and mountain bike style brake levers. After I do all that... Well, let's just say that I will be done. For now. Maybe... ;-) We shall see what happens when it happens...

Well... That is about all I have to say at the moment. I am going to try and say more things more often than not in the future. But right now... I am all sayed out.

So with that... I will say goodnight, good luck, good stitching, and -if you get the chance- good riding too!!!

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Bad Habits Are Hard to Break

Hello everybody! Well, Kim and I went and did it again... No, not that... Well... ;-) Just kidding...

ANY way... Kim decided that she needed some more embellishments for her Alice frame, so we went to Hobby Lobby to see what we could see. And just inside the doors of Hobby Lobby -you know, that store with the frames that I mentioned in a previous post?- we saw a rack with lots and lots and lots more too of -GASP!- cross stitch patterns! Well, so much for NOT getting more stash... ;-)

So, what did we end up getting? Well, somethings that look like this:

This one is an Elizabeth's Designs pattern. It caught Kim's attention and when she showed it to me, I thought that it would be a nice addition to our, er my, stash. (I am more likely to stitch this than Kim...) It should be a nice addition to my completed project pile, once I am done. It may end up as a donation to my 'charity projects' pile. We shall see when/if it gets to that point...

These next 2 patterns are roses. More precisely, the one on the left is a wreath of 2 roses in the Art Deco style by Art - Stitch. I did one of their stained glass windows and I really like their patterns. The second patern is actually a book of various small roses by Jeanette Crews Designs. The plan behind this group is an idea that Kim gave me about stitching a bunch of small projects, making refrigerator magnets out of them, and then -maybe- selling them at craft fairs. Roses seemed like a good place to start. We shall see what happens as it happens when it happens... orsomethinglikethat... lol

Next are a pair from Dragon Dreams. (You know, the folks that make the Dani pattern that I mentioned last time...) The first is a cute one that either Kim or I will probably do for Kim's nieces sometime. It is really cute and shouldn't be overly difficult to stitch. (Of course, after 'The Red Bicycle', I am going to have to go to Teresa Wentzler to get more complicated... lol jk) The second one is a bit of blackwork which, once I got to looking at it, shouldn't be nearly as difficult to do as I first feared when I heard the phrase 'blackwork'. It looked complicated, but is really only backstitching! As I was looking for pics of this one, I found this dragon that I think would make a good 'book end' project for The Princess here. Let me know what you think, if you want to... ;-)

(Legal moment: thanks to all the sites that had better pics than I took of these projects...)

There were other patterns that we picked up, but I will let Kim show those off over on her blog...

And lastly but not leastly, I want to show you the 'Cedric the Cyclist' pattern that Kim got for me: (Of course, I DID ask her to order it for me but... lol)

This one has deffinately moved up on my 'To Do" list. At first, I had an idea to use an old bicycle chainring for a frame once I got it done. (On 14ct, the finished size is 4" x 4". Chainring size...) Then, I thought that I would make a 'collage' of sorts with it. The thought was to do do a series of them in different colors. Sounds fun, eh? Well, after chatting with Kim about it, I just happened to glance at the autographed poster of Lance Armstrong that I had and thought 'Hey! I could stitch a series of Cedric as Lance and his Discovery Channel team members.' THAT got me to thinking of how to do it and while we were at Hobby Lobby (alright! no more plugs!) we found a frame that matches another framed picture that says "Arc de Triomph: 30 kms". Needless to say, once it all gets together it should look pretty cute. So there you have it! The answer to the eternal question "What are you going to stitch next?" ;-)

Okay... (Catches breath...) That pretty much rounds out what I did today. We did other things, but that was the highlight of our day. Tomorrow, we are going to go and do laundry! Oh boy oh joy... ;-) Of course, the weather is going to be really nice so maybe we will get a chance to go for a walk or a bike ride. As I said earlier, we shall see what happens when it happens as it happens...

And on that note... blog at you all later and happy stitchy!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


The Red Bike Diaries: Epilogue

Here it is! The Final Finished Picture of The Red Bicycle!

As you can see, it turned out pretty good. If I do say so myself... ;-) And below, you will find a close-up of the bottom left corner which will give you a better idea as to how the frame, mat (some neat paper that I managed to get from work), and the fabric all come together...

As I may have mentioned in previous posts, the fabric was hand dyed by Kim. The 'mat' around the project is a piece of paper that I got from the Printing Department at work. The frame is something that we picked up for... thinking... something or the other that Kim was doing at the time. She decided that she didn't like it after all. (If I remember right, it was on sale so... ) The mat helped tie it all together because it has a cloud-like quality to the accents on it. Also, the 'clouds' are about the same color as the frame. Worked out pretty good, methinks... I hope that the images do this thing justice. Believe me, everybody who has seen it has been awestruck by it. (My favorite comment is usually "You did that?!? Wow!"... lol)

When I took this to work to show it off, Kim told me that I WAS NOT to let anyone try to buy it from me! AT ALL!!! ;-) My response was something to the effect of "...depends on how many thousands of dollars they offer me..." lol I was just kidding, of course. Ain't NO way I am letting this one go to someone other than me! ;-)

In other news: The OTHER THING that everyone has been waiting for! ;-) Following are pics of my next (current at this point) project...

This first pic is of of the booklet of patterns that Kim's mom had. She -Kim's mom- wanted me to stitch her the turkey pattern. (She figured that it would be easier for me than the covered bridge pattern that she originally wanted me to stitch for her.) In exchange for agreeing to stitch this for her, she bought a tool for cutting round and oval mats. That will be a nice thing to have, once I get a project (this one, maybe?) which calls for a round or oval mat...

Okay, this next pic is slightly out dated. I have been working on this project for about a week, but you will hopefully get the idea of what it will look like once it is all done:

As you can see, I have roughly half of the turkey stitched in as well as part of the tree behind him and some of the grass / ground below him. I hate to say it, but I am getting flash-backs of the eagle charity project I did a while back. (Yes, folks. There is a LOT of brown in this one...) Kim just took a look at this while I am posting, and she says that her mom is really going to like it when it is done. I may have to hold her to that... lol I am sure that Kim Mom will really like it once it is done. And besides; we are making her pick out the frame so it should be pretty much perfect, methinks... ;-)

Oh the treachery of Stash! Looking at my back-projects reminded me of the Mosey n Me "Frank" that I did. Nostalgic and nice, yes. But it reminded me that I have a Hawaii Shirt frame that I want to make another Frank for! And of course, there is the Green Man that I mentioned in my last post... AND there is the "Cedric the Cyclist" by Peter Underhill pattern that Kim recently got for me (Sorry, no pic at this time. Cute though.)... NOT TO MENTION ALL THE OTHER PATTERNS THAT WE HAVE..... Aarrgghhh!!! My head is spinning just typing about all of our stuff! Of course, this all brings up the Dani the Dragon "My Stash Is Full of Treasures" pattern that I have ALSO been wanting to do... As Winnie the Pook might say: "Oh bother!" ;-)

But really... (Catches breath...) That is fine because now I will have all sorts of things to keep me busy if/when they come to take me to the looney bin... (Maybe in a couple of weeks. Maybe sooner...)

Okay, I better finalize this post so that I can get in a couple hours of sleep tonight. (Kim is already in there snoring... lol jk) Chat with you all next time and happy stitchy!!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Mortality Matters

Or maybe just matters of mortality?!? Who knows...

Anyway... I just wanted to put finger to keyboard and type something because... well... I haven't for a while so it seemed like a good idea at the time.

The pic at left is something that I found while I was looking for a picture of the Frankenstein Monster for a previous post. It is a 'behind the scenes' shot of Boris Karloff as 'The Monster' and Mr. (sorry I forgot his first name) Kline as Doctor Frankenstein taking a break during filming. Don't know why I chose this shot for this post, but again, it seemed like a good idea at the time... And let's face it: it just screams for a caption similiar to "You know, Frank, that coffee can kill you." "Maybe, Doc. But no where near as fast as that cigarette will! And besides, you recreated me once. One more time shouldn't be that dificult." ...orsomethinglikethat... lol

So, why the post on mortality? Duh, idanoe... Other than the fact that I am going to be getting older in about 2 weeks and it might explain why I am all blahed out the last little bit... Of course, it might just be the way the weather has been lately too so... ;-)

In other -less depressing sounding- news: I have finally framed The Red Bicycle! It looks pretty good. Post to follow later tonight... Maybe... If I get to doing it... >;-) Also, Kim has finally gotten around to painting her frame for Alice. Finished pic of that to follow on her blog too, I am sure...

Ooops! Time has caught up with me so I better sign off. Happy stitchy and I will blog at you later!

Saturday, April 08, 2006


The Red Bike Diaries: Episode X

"X" Marks The Completed Project!

Here it is folks...
The moment you have all been waiting for...
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...
"The Red Bicycle"!

Yes folks, it is finally done! Well, all done but the final finishing, that is. (That will be for another post...)

Officially, I completed this project at the end of my lunch hour yesterday, April 7. Needless to say, I was doing The Happy Dance all over the place at work...

As you can see, the addition of actual red to The Red Bicycle really pulls the subject matter out. That and the 'flowers' scattered throughout and around the fence makes for a good 'finish' if you would to all of that green that makes up the tree/bushes area. Not to mention the back stitching around the bike.

To give you an idea of how well this has been received so far, my boss -who has recently returned from Afganistan- was actually all agog about it when he was looking at yesterday. Whoa! Of course, he was unaware of the fact that I have even been stitching (he has been away for 18+ monthes) but still, it was neat for me to hear yet another impressed viewer of my work...

Oh, and remember the bottle of Red Bicyclette wine that I found? Well, I was able to find some red (well, purply red) wine glasses to with it! Check them out in the pic below:

Sure, they are more purple than red. And they aren't really swanky glass type glasses (they are plastic, actually...). But then again, what I eventually put into them was chardonnay, which just so happens to not be a red wine. Oh well... Kim thought that it might be a better tasing wyne then a more red whine. Come to find out, however, Kim isn't the wine drinking type. Uh oh... So... sadly... yes, unfortunately... I have had to (hic) drink the whole bottle by my (hic) lonesome ownsome... (hic... he he he... hic) I think it is pretty good stuff, actually... Not that I am an expert by any means but... Well, I know what I like... ;-)

ANYway... I will be putting the final finalized touches on The Red Bicycle within the next couple of days; hopefully sometime tomorrow, if the laundry doesn't take too mush tyme... ;-) lol

What is my next project, you might ask? Well, I have actually finished my next project already. Well, the stitching part at least. In fact, Jessie decided that she would help me show it off so... Here is is:

The pic on the right, is the one that I took of Jessie and the framed project. It is part of a Lizzie Kate Flip It block pattern and the frame is something that we got from Hobby Lobby. If you have one near you, and you like to frame your completed projects up real neat like, they have a HUGE selection of various sized, shaped, styled, (and priced) frames to choose from to finish your projects. Okay, end of shameless plug for Hobby Lobby... Anyway... The pic on the right is a slightly better shot of the completed project in the above mentioned specialty frame from Hobby Lobby. (Alright! No more plugs for Hobby Lobby! I mean it!!!)

I started this little bugger up last night and finished it up this afternoon as part of the way that I stitch: Once I finish a BIG project, I do a smaller one to -in essence- get the kinks out of my stitching fingers. (Kind of like stretching after strenuous excercising... orsomethinglikethat...) It works fairly well for me. And it keeps me at least a little bit interested in stitching when I would otherwise be really burned out. I mean, let's face it: The Red Bicycle took me over 3 monthes to complete! For someone like me, that is a L O N G damned time!!! But like I said, it works for me... ;-)

What else? Oh, next project. I don't have a
sample pic of the project that I am going to do next, but it is a pic of a turkey that Kim's mom asked me if I could stitch for her. It will be MUCH less extensive than the one that I just finished, so that will be a nice change of pace. After that, I am looking at this pattern (from the same book as Kim's mum's pattern) of a deer bust for a gentleman at work who hunts when the season is right. It should be a pretty good project, and a nice follow up to the turkey. AND I already have a frame for it too! Yes, I do... If you managed to see any of the pics of my earlier projects over at Kim's blog; it is the same type of frame that I put on the Wolf that I did for Gerald at my work. The deer bust should -I hope- look right at home in a frame like that... We shall see... ;-)

Beyond that... Well... I don't know...
I have a large multitude of projects that I would like to do in my stash -that is putting it mildly- but I am much more so thinking about a pattern that Kim and I picked up for me called "The Green Man" by a company called Witches Stitches (can't find a reference to them). It basically is a face made up of leaves and such. Really neat... ;-)

Well, now that I have written A Great American Novel of a post, Kim is dragging me off to bed. :-O ;-) Anyway... I hope you are all doing well and having a good time there whereever there is... ;-)

Until the next stitch...

UPDATE: Found a link to "The Green Man"! Here it is...
Enjoy and blog at you later!

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Almost there...

Hello again all and sundry! Just wanted to drop a few words before I called it a weekend...

Spent most of yesterday and half of today at Kim's folks' place. We went down so that Kim could help her mum with their taxes. We did some driving (okay, a LOT of driving), some shopping, and some stitching too. I can truthfully say that "The Red Bicycle" is so close to done it is scary
! It freaked me out Friday when I realized how close to done I was. As of about noon today -daylight savings time, which started very early this morning- I can say that it is all stitched but for the back- and long-stitches. Should be all completely totally stiched done by the end of the week. I think... I am not going to give you any update pictures until it is 'totally' done. (I know... I can be such a tease sometimes...)

What else? Well, yesterday's weather was fairly sunny and warm. Today's weater didn't follow suit. As we were leaving Kim's folks' place, it was overcast and a lilttle bit windy, but not raining. Once we got a bit further up the road however, the sky opened up. And no, I am not talking angelic visions and sunbeams. Suffice it to say that it was a replay -to an extent- of last week's hairy weather. It made the drive home rather... interesting, to say the least. But we made it home fine and that is good.

Fast forward a few hours and here we are. ;-) I am sitting around and blogging while Kim is watching the behind the scenes stuf from the King Kong DVD. (Available at better retailers near you... lol)

Okay, that is about all I can think of to yack about for now. Check back in a few days -maybe sooner?- for more updates, ramblings, and maybe even a few more weather related things... lol

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