Sunday, April 02, 2006


Almost there...

Hello again all and sundry! Just wanted to drop a few words before I called it a weekend...

Spent most of yesterday and half of today at Kim's folks' place. We went down so that Kim could help her mum with their taxes. We did some driving (okay, a LOT of driving), some shopping, and some stitching too. I can truthfully say that "The Red Bicycle" is so close to done it is scary
! It freaked me out Friday when I realized how close to done I was. As of about noon today -daylight savings time, which started very early this morning- I can say that it is all stitched but for the back- and long-stitches. Should be all completely totally stiched done by the end of the week. I think... I am not going to give you any update pictures until it is 'totally' done. (I know... I can be such a tease sometimes...)

What else? Well, yesterday's weather was fairly sunny and warm. Today's weater didn't follow suit. As we were leaving Kim's folks' place, it was overcast and a lilttle bit windy, but not raining. Once we got a bit further up the road however, the sky opened up. And no, I am not talking angelic visions and sunbeams. Suffice it to say that it was a replay -to an extent- of last week's hairy weather. It made the drive home rather... interesting, to say the least. But we made it home fine and that is good.

Fast forward a few hours and here we are. ;-) I am sitting around and blogging while Kim is watching the behind the scenes stuf from the King Kong DVD. (Available at better retailers near you... lol)

Okay, that is about all I can think of to yack about for now. Check back in a few days -maybe sooner?- for more updates, ramblings, and maybe even a few more weather related things... lol

Your blog is to funny!! The red bike is beautiful, excellent work.

Where is the coffee cup?
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