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Evangeline's Journey: Episode 5

Day 54: Finally! Progress!!!

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Thanks one and all for your patience in waiting for my latest Evangeline post. I hope that you find my progress worth your wait.

Update info: as I mentioned in my last post, I have been splitting my time between this project and the dog project. The reason for this is that the dog is going to be a gift for another one of my work associates and I don't want them to accidentally find out about it. Would kind of spoil the surprise, you know? Anyway... Since I can't work on the dog at work, I work on Evangeline at work. Hence, the slow progress. And now you know the reason.

So, about progress. I was working away last Wednesday night and got the lower hemline to the place where it was matching up with the bottom of what I have already done on her dress. That felt pretty good: "Progress! Yes!! I still love this project!!!"

But then -gasping sounds- I realized that where I was supposed to be and where I actually was wasn't the same place. :-O "Well (cursing noises)!" So I decided to set the thing aside and look closer at it later...

Fast forward to Thursday at lunch: after a LOT of close pattern looking at, I came to find the place where I went wrong. "WELLSONOFASTITCH!!!" ...actually, it was worse than that, but you get the idea...

Anyway, look at the above progress pic: See where the needle with the thread is? Good, keep that in you memory. Now, look on the right side of the same pic and see if you can find the needle sticking through the fabric. Found it? Great! You now know how much of Evangeline I had to rip out in order to correct my mistake. FYI: the area in question was about 3" wide by 2" high and took about 2 days of lunches and breaks to complete. As you have seen above, I was not a happy camper...

But that was then and this is now and I can say with a great amount of relief that I have most of that area stitched back into place. I went about stitching this area a little bit differently than the first go around, so everything else went off with out a hitch. I have decided that if I am going to do what amounts to outlining something in my stitching, I am NOT going to add the detaily stuff in until after the outline stuff is done. (Methinks that was part of the reason for the oopsie in the first place...)

Okay, since I have decided to do this post before I went to bed tonight after all, I might as well take the time to show you the new frame that I have recently picked out for this project:

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(My, but these pics are a lot bigger than I thought...)

This is a picture of a great -to me- flea market find! When I first started Evangeline, I half wanted one of these kinds of frames to put her in when I was done. You see, when I was little my grandparents had a pair of similiar frames with photos of their parents in them. They have always stuck out in my memory. (Of course, one day while goofing around I sat on one and broke the glass, so you can kind of see why...) Anyway, I have always liked these types of frames as they have a certain 'heirloom' kind of quality to them. Granted, I am going to have to have Kim work it over a little bit for me to get it looking half way good again -the previous owner used it to display weeds- I am thinking that it might make a good looking frame for this project. Only time will tell.

And speaking of time, I am really running out of it now so I better sign off on this post. I have another posting regarding Grape still to do, but that will have to wait.

Until then, happy day in every way and I will see you next time!


And the winner is...


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Hello folks! Meet Jackie. She is the lucky winner of the silent auction for The Native Wolf that I completed not too long ago. She informed me that her friend likes Native American themed things and that this would be a Christmas gift for the friend. Happy GiftMess indeed!

Also since my last post -how long ago was that now?!?- I picked up another new coffee cup:

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It is pretty good sized and a planter too. I have decided that I am no longer able to plant (read: keep alive) spider plants, so I decided to take a go at ivy. The ivy looks pretty good in it and seems to be hanging on so far. Just to give you an idea of how big this cup is, here is a picture of it along with another planter:

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...oh, and a little kitty statue too. ;-) It -the kitty- is about 3" tall. Also, if you look at the wall behind the planters, you will see the storage frame for my "50 United States Quarters" collection. I have a lot of the quarters, but still need the ones that haven't come out yet. Sotospeak... ;-) (I know... my comedy hasn't gotten any better since my last post.)

In other news, I have been working on both Evangeline and a dog for another individual at work. You may have heard about the dog over at Kim's blog. I will be making another post in regards to all the fun and frivolity of Evangeline in my next post. (Which will be coming up shortly...)

Speaking of 'fun and frivolity', I kyped the latest SBQ off of Kim's blog and just had to post an answer to it:

When you find yourself making a lot of mistakes in various stitching projects do you find it better to muddle your way through or do you take a brief break from stitching? If you do take a break, how long do you take?

Mistakes? What mistakes?!? Okay, okay, everybody put down the sticks and stones! ;-) I freely admit to making mistakes. In fact during my latest bit of stitching on Evangeline, I found a doozy of an oopsy! Suffice to say, I needed to rip out what amounted to 2 days' worth of stitching. (I will explain the 'why?' of that in my Evangeline post...) Anyway... When I notice that I am making multiple mistakes, I usually set the project aside and walk around for a few moments. Sometimes the few moments tend to become more than a few. You see, I am a perfectionist. If I make a mistake, I tend to stop dead in my tracks and find the mistakes so that I can fix them. Methinks that would make me a muddler... And now the truth is out. ;-p lol

Okay, enough blogging fo tonight. I could do more, but tomorrow is a work day and -for reasons that I won't go into- looks to be a stressful one. Wish me luck in the Low Stress area and I will chat with you next time!

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