Thursday, February 21, 2008


Whatcha doin?!?

Just sitting around here on the couch... ;-)

Hello again everybody! Sorry for the delay in yet another post. I confess, I have just been plain lazy since the last time. Lazy, hardworking, stitching, preoccupied, and -most recently- sick. (That's partly why I am posting in the middle of the day...) So what do I have to show for all this time? Well, let's see...

First off -and you probably already know this if you have looked at Kim's blog recently- I managed to finish Autumn In My garden. In fact, here is another picture for you. Just in case you haven't been over to Kim's lately:

...the picture that Kim has may be a little bit better, but you still get the idea. Oh, and below is a picture of both Evangeline and Ms. Autumn in their final display location above our bookcases:

...this was part of my original idea as far as how to display these 2 beautiful projects, since they are both about the same size. Oh, the item in the middle is a mirror that I found at a previous job of mine. I had my father help me make a funky frame for it and I have had it ever since. Methinks that they all look pretty good together, don't you?

What else? Well, those of you who have been here before are aware that I have done various charity stitch projects which I have donated to events at my work. I am still churning them out. In fact, here are a couple that I am going to be donating to a raffle in April:

These are actually 2 of the same thing, a freebie from Lizzie Kate that we picked up from our LNS a while back because it was free. ;-) I stitched them on white 11ct Aida with 4 strands of the appropriate DMC flosses. Quite a change from stitching on 18ct, believe you me! Anyway, I had an idea for a frame that I wanted -and still would like- my sister to make for me to put these into, but things never got together in quite the right way to make that happen. (She busy, me busy, we busy...) Not a problem, thanks to our good friends at Hobby Lobby. As I was looking at the finished projects wondering what to do with them, I just happened to decide to go there and BEHOLD! Not only did they just happen to be having a sale on frames, they also had the adorable baked enamel frames that you see above. Ya just gotta love Hobby Lobby...

And speaking of adorable -and wanting to segue a bit too- here is a current pic of the next little darlings that I am stitching for that upcoming charity event:

These little cuties are "Golfing Teddy" by Lynne Nicoletti. I decided to stitch them with 2 strands of floss on this 14ct Hunter Green Aida fabric that I got from Joann Fabrics. Joann's doesn't tend to have much in the line of cross stitch stuff any more, but they almost always have a little bit of cross stitch fabric; usually the prepackaged stuff. Anyway, it has been going well with these guys -I am stitching 2 of them at the same time- but I am running into small problems with the colors fading into the fabric. As you can see, I have changed some of the colors. But I am going to try and see what the actual colors will look like on a piece of scrap fabric before changing them again. More updates to follow...

In other Lynne Nicoletti news... back in January I began my biggest charity project yet:
(I told you it was big!)
Above is 'Liberty', which is one of Lynne Nicoletti's Hidden Image designs. The fabric that I asked Kim to tea dye for me is 15" x 18" 18ct Aida. I had her tea dye it in order to give the finished project a more 'aged' look. I have already found a frame for it that will help add to that sense of age. (Think old farm house windows...) I have decided to stitch this with 2 strands of floss as opposed to the 1 strand that Lynne recommends. (I'm sorry Lynne, but I just don't have the fingers to work with just 1 strand of floss unless I am working on 22ct...) I have some pictures here, here, and most recently here to give you an idea of the progress I have made since last month. I have been keeping track of how long I have actually been stitching on this and -as of February 11- I have about 2830 minutes into it so far. (That's almost 4 straight days!) Lucky for me the event that this will be going to isn't until September or so. I am sure that I will get it done in plenty of time. The to other good thing about this project -and, frankly the impetus for me to actually decide to take the plunge with it- is the fact that I am pretty sure that there are at least 2 ladies at work who will be wanting to bid on it, auction style! ;-) That is the plan at least. I will make sure to keep you all informed...

WHAT?!? It's that time already? Sheesh, I sure do get wrapped up in my postings! ;-)
I better let you all get back to whatever it was you were doing before you started to read my latest blog post. (I swear, I will try harder to post more often!) Until then, keep a happy head and heart and keep on stitching too! I need a nap...

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