Saturday, April 08, 2006


The Red Bike Diaries: Episode X

"X" Marks The Completed Project!

Here it is folks...
The moment you have all been waiting for...
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...
"The Red Bicycle"!

Yes folks, it is finally done! Well, all done but the final finishing, that is. (That will be for another post...)

Officially, I completed this project at the end of my lunch hour yesterday, April 7. Needless to say, I was doing The Happy Dance all over the place at work...

As you can see, the addition of actual red to The Red Bicycle really pulls the subject matter out. That and the 'flowers' scattered throughout and around the fence makes for a good 'finish' if you would to all of that green that makes up the tree/bushes area. Not to mention the back stitching around the bike.

To give you an idea of how well this has been received so far, my boss -who has recently returned from Afganistan- was actually all agog about it when he was looking at yesterday. Whoa! Of course, he was unaware of the fact that I have even been stitching (he has been away for 18+ monthes) but still, it was neat for me to hear yet another impressed viewer of my work...

Oh, and remember the bottle of Red Bicyclette wine that I found? Well, I was able to find some red (well, purply red) wine glasses to with it! Check them out in the pic below:

Sure, they are more purple than red. And they aren't really swanky glass type glasses (they are plastic, actually...). But then again, what I eventually put into them was chardonnay, which just so happens to not be a red wine. Oh well... Kim thought that it might be a better tasing wyne then a more red whine. Come to find out, however, Kim isn't the wine drinking type. Uh oh... So... sadly... yes, unfortunately... I have had to (hic) drink the whole bottle by my (hic) lonesome ownsome... (hic... he he he... hic) I think it is pretty good stuff, actually... Not that I am an expert by any means but... Well, I know what I like... ;-)

ANYway... I will be putting the final finalized touches on The Red Bicycle within the next couple of days; hopefully sometime tomorrow, if the laundry doesn't take too mush tyme... ;-) lol

What is my next project, you might ask? Well, I have actually finished my next project already. Well, the stitching part at least. In fact, Jessie decided that she would help me show it off so... Here is is:

The pic on the right, is the one that I took of Jessie and the framed project. It is part of a Lizzie Kate Flip It block pattern and the frame is something that we got from Hobby Lobby. If you have one near you, and you like to frame your completed projects up real neat like, they have a HUGE selection of various sized, shaped, styled, (and priced) frames to choose from to finish your projects. Okay, end of shameless plug for Hobby Lobby... Anyway... The pic on the right is a slightly better shot of the completed project in the above mentioned specialty frame from Hobby Lobby. (Alright! No more plugs for Hobby Lobby! I mean it!!!)

I started this little bugger up last night and finished it up this afternoon as part of the way that I stitch: Once I finish a BIG project, I do a smaller one to -in essence- get the kinks out of my stitching fingers. (Kind of like stretching after strenuous excercising... orsomethinglikethat...) It works fairly well for me. And it keeps me at least a little bit interested in stitching when I would otherwise be really burned out. I mean, let's face it: The Red Bicycle took me over 3 monthes to complete! For someone like me, that is a L O N G damned time!!! But like I said, it works for me... ;-)

What else? Oh, next project. I don't have a
sample pic of the project that I am going to do next, but it is a pic of a turkey that Kim's mom asked me if I could stitch for her. It will be MUCH less extensive than the one that I just finished, so that will be a nice change of pace. After that, I am looking at this pattern (from the same book as Kim's mum's pattern) of a deer bust for a gentleman at work who hunts when the season is right. It should be a pretty good project, and a nice follow up to the turkey. AND I already have a frame for it too! Yes, I do... If you managed to see any of the pics of my earlier projects over at Kim's blog; it is the same type of frame that I put on the Wolf that I did for Gerald at my work. The deer bust should -I hope- look right at home in a frame like that... We shall see... ;-)

Beyond that... Well... I don't know...
I have a large multitude of projects that I would like to do in my stash -that is putting it mildly- but I am much more so thinking about a pattern that Kim and I picked up for me called "The Green Man" by a company called Witches Stitches (can't find a reference to them). It basically is a face made up of leaves and such. Really neat... ;-)

Well, now that I have written A Great American Novel of a post, Kim is dragging me off to bed. :-O ;-) Anyway... I hope you are all doing well and having a good time there whereever there is... ;-)

Until the next stitch...

UPDATE: Found a link to "The Green Man"! Here it is...
Enjoy and blog at you later!

The red bicycle came out wonderfully! Well done. Can't wait to see how you final finish this piece.
Congratulations, Greg! Your finishes look fantastic. Great choice on the Green Man - he's on my wishlist, so I will be watching your progress!
That is really great!! Congratulations it was a long haul, but very impressive!!

The "Red Bike" looks good! Way to go GC!
Drats! I saw this a couple of days ago, and haven't commented yet! WELL DONE, Greg! The bike is the final touch! You have been very courageous on this one!
The small project that followed is very cute, just the perfect kind of thing to relax...
Take care!
Oh how nice your Red Bicycle turned out! I'm impressed : )

Will look nice in any frame you select.
Congrats on your finish. The red bicylce looks fantastic.
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