Saturday, April 22, 2006


Bad Habits Are Hard to Break

Hello everybody! Well, Kim and I went and did it again... No, not that... Well... ;-) Just kidding...

ANY way... Kim decided that she needed some more embellishments for her Alice frame, so we went to Hobby Lobby to see what we could see. And just inside the doors of Hobby Lobby -you know, that store with the frames that I mentioned in a previous post?- we saw a rack with lots and lots and lots more too of -GASP!- cross stitch patterns! Well, so much for NOT getting more stash... ;-)

So, what did we end up getting? Well, somethings that look like this:

This one is an Elizabeth's Designs pattern. It caught Kim's attention and when she showed it to me, I thought that it would be a nice addition to our, er my, stash. (I am more likely to stitch this than Kim...) It should be a nice addition to my completed project pile, once I am done. It may end up as a donation to my 'charity projects' pile. We shall see when/if it gets to that point...

These next 2 patterns are roses. More precisely, the one on the left is a wreath of 2 roses in the Art Deco style by Art - Stitch. I did one of their stained glass windows and I really like their patterns. The second patern is actually a book of various small roses by Jeanette Crews Designs. The plan behind this group is an idea that Kim gave me about stitching a bunch of small projects, making refrigerator magnets out of them, and then -maybe- selling them at craft fairs. Roses seemed like a good place to start. We shall see what happens as it happens when it happens... orsomethinglikethat... lol

Next are a pair from Dragon Dreams. (You know, the folks that make the Dani pattern that I mentioned last time...) The first is a cute one that either Kim or I will probably do for Kim's nieces sometime. It is really cute and shouldn't be overly difficult to stitch. (Of course, after 'The Red Bicycle', I am going to have to go to Teresa Wentzler to get more complicated... lol jk) The second one is a bit of blackwork which, once I got to looking at it, shouldn't be nearly as difficult to do as I first feared when I heard the phrase 'blackwork'. It looked complicated, but is really only backstitching! As I was looking for pics of this one, I found this dragon that I think would make a good 'book end' project for The Princess here. Let me know what you think, if you want to... ;-)

(Legal moment: thanks to all the sites that had better pics than I took of these projects...)

There were other patterns that we picked up, but I will let Kim show those off over on her blog...

And lastly but not leastly, I want to show you the 'Cedric the Cyclist' pattern that Kim got for me: (Of course, I DID ask her to order it for me but... lol)

This one has deffinately moved up on my 'To Do" list. At first, I had an idea to use an old bicycle chainring for a frame once I got it done. (On 14ct, the finished size is 4" x 4". Chainring size...) Then, I thought that I would make a 'collage' of sorts with it. The thought was to do do a series of them in different colors. Sounds fun, eh? Well, after chatting with Kim about it, I just happened to glance at the autographed poster of Lance Armstrong that I had and thought 'Hey! I could stitch a series of Cedric as Lance and his Discovery Channel team members.' THAT got me to thinking of how to do it and while we were at Hobby Lobby (alright! no more plugs!) we found a frame that matches another framed picture that says "Arc de Triomph: 30 kms". Needless to say, once it all gets together it should look pretty cute. So there you have it! The answer to the eternal question "What are you going to stitch next?" ;-)

Okay... (Catches breath...) That pretty much rounds out what I did today. We did other things, but that was the highlight of our day. Tomorrow, we are going to go and do laundry! Oh boy oh joy... ;-) Of course, the weather is going to be really nice so maybe we will get a chance to go for a walk or a bike ride. As I said earlier, we shall see what happens when it happens as it happens...

And on that note... blog at you all later and happy stitchy!

This all sounds like so much fun that I wish there was a Hobby Lobby around here!
I am always impressed at reading that you have ideas for your finished projects before even starting them, when most of us, stitchers, have no idea what to do with those once!
The dragons in the sand are my favourites...
Take care!
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