Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Mortality Matters

Or maybe just matters of mortality?!? Who knows...

Anyway... I just wanted to put finger to keyboard and type something because... well... I haven't for a while so it seemed like a good idea at the time.

The pic at left is something that I found while I was looking for a picture of the Frankenstein Monster for a previous post. It is a 'behind the scenes' shot of Boris Karloff as 'The Monster' and Mr. (sorry I forgot his first name) Kline as Doctor Frankenstein taking a break during filming. Don't know why I chose this shot for this post, but again, it seemed like a good idea at the time... And let's face it: it just screams for a caption similiar to "You know, Frank, that coffee can kill you." "Maybe, Doc. But no where near as fast as that cigarette will! And besides, you recreated me once. One more time shouldn't be that dificult." ...orsomethinglikethat... lol

So, why the post on mortality? Duh, idanoe... Other than the fact that I am going to be getting older in about 2 weeks and it might explain why I am all blahed out the last little bit... Of course, it might just be the way the weather has been lately too so... ;-)

In other -less depressing sounding- news: I have finally framed The Red Bicycle! It looks pretty good. Post to follow later tonight... Maybe... If I get to doing it... >;-) Also, Kim has finally gotten around to painting her frame for Alice. Finished pic of that to follow on her blog too, I am sure...

Ooops! Time has caught up with me so I better sign off. Happy stitchy and I will blog at you later!

Poor poor Greg! Getting older? Rats! I have a severe depression every end of August (my b-day). That society that adores youth is a complete mess... How old are you going to be, and when? If you don't answer me, I'll ask Kim!!!
Looking forward to pics of your framed bike. What are you stitching now?
Take care! Don't forget your vitamins, and keep riding: that will help you stay fit (if not young...).
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