Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Turkey Breasts

And turkey feathers and another turkey and a tree and ... Well, look at the picture below and you will get the idea:

This is the latest update picture of the Turkey Project for Kim's mom. I think I am making pretty good progress. It is deffinately not The Red Bicycle, that's for sure! I can honestly say that I am surprised at how fast this is going. I am guessing that I will be done in about a week or two...

Oh wait, that may not be right...
I am planning on taking some time off next week and Kim and I are going to go and a bit of a trip to Des Moines. We are planning on visiting a large cross stitch store and a couple of bike shops too. AND Kim got us reservations in a very nice hotel very close to the new mall in town. Should be a fun time. Especially since we haven't really gone on a 'vacation trip' since... well... we got married. Eeek! No wonder I have been all... icky... the last few little whiles. (Although, I still think it has been the weather...)

Let's see... What else? Well... I am in the process of -once again- reformatting the W.I.P. bike into something differrent. Before, I had it set up with a 'moustache' style handlebar (...think about an old style gentleman's moustache...) and a shifter that just shifted the rear gears; which basically made it into a 7 speed bike. Well, the way the brakes were set up that way, they didn't work very well. So... I have changed out the moustache bars for the stock 'comfort' bars and will be re-installing thumbshifters and mountain bike style brake levers. After I do all that... Well, let's just say that I will be done. For now. Maybe... ;-) We shall see what happens when it happens...

Well... That is about all I have to say at the moment. I am going to try and say more things more often than not in the future. But right now... I am all sayed out.

So with that... I will say goodnight, good luck, good stitching, and -if you get the chance- good riding too!!!

Wow, a new project, looking good GC!
How great that you're going on a lovers' trip! These are my favourite moments: you're out of everyday life, and can build up fond memories for the future! I love buying a Xmas decoration on these occasions, whatever the moment of the year: when I hang those in my tree, it reminds me of these moments. Well, I'm incurably sentimental...
Your turkey will have to wait until it's done, then! lol!
Enjoy your week end and holidays!
that trip sounds lovely!! enjoy Kim and enjoy yourself :)
Looking Good greg, keep up the great work.
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