Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Notes from the infirmary

Well... maybe not a real infirmary... but I have been infirm for a bit here so...

As those of you who may read Kim's blog may know, I have managed to catch her cold. :-( A real nasty one too. Well, maybe not quite that nasty... But nasty enough. Suffice it to say that -believe it or not- I would rather be at work and slightly bored, than here and sick. Granted, I am managing to get lots done on The Red Bicycle project -pics to follow later- and I am catching up on my resting time, but I would much rather be doing it with a full volume voice and an emptier feeling head. (Can't talk and now I'm all plugged up...) That, and I am sure that the very cold weather that we had at the tail end of last week helped to conspire against me. Cold, dry air and I don't get along very well. And I have a tendency to get nasty sinus related colds at this time of year. Lovely, eh?
Oh well... I suppose that I have dodged the sick bullet long enough. ;-)

Not really much that I can think of to blog about at the moment. I am hoping to be feeling much better in the next couple of days or so -at least, that is what I am hoping for- so I might maybe have something else new and interesting to blog about then. Who knows? Maybe I will post an update pic or something... ;-)

Until then, everybody stay happy and healthy!

Hope you feel better soon!
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