Thursday, February 16, 2006


And one more thing...

I need some input from whomever might have something to put forth... (More of a 'I would like your opinion, please' kind of thing...)

Anyway... When faced with 2 situations that you are wanting -or thinking that you are wanting- to do (or stitch, or whatever) how do you decide which way to decide? (Okay, that made a lot of sense...) I guess what I am trying to get out here is this: as I have said before, I have been considering doing the Celebrate Cycling charity ride in May. I haven't signed up for it yet, but there is still about 3 months' time to decide. Or decide not to decide, if that may be the case....

And why the quandry? Well... There are a couple of reasons. The first -and
probably the main- reason is the fact that I am not the best at asking folks for donations. (I can do it, but I tend to over think the 'going up and asking' part.) The other reason is the fact that I got an e-mail the other day informing me of another charity ride that is the day before the CC ride. This one is a 'straight' ride. By that I mean that you don't have to ask folks for pledges; just sign up and ride. The money you pay to register -after expenses, that is- goes to the charity that the organization is putting the ride together for. Very appealing to me, someone who is a bit pledge-phobic. (Is that even a phrase?!?) Granted, the very reason for a 'charity ride' (well, some of them at least) is to raise money for charity. I guess I am just not the go and get money type of guy...

Anyway... Call me indecisive, but this is one of those things that i have been overthinking about lately. AND I just had to get that out of my head. (Ah... no more ringing noises... lol) If you want to respond to this... ramble... then please do. If not, I won't mind. Like I said, I just needed to get that mental clutter out in the open. ;-)

Until next the next time that I have something to say, sensible or not, have a good time and be happy!

Well, IF I WERE YOU, I would sign for the one where you needn't pledge. Definitely! Because I'm the kind that systematically says no to that kind of stuff, and I would hate saying no to someone like you on that matter.
Also, I think that life is so full of stress that you shouldn't add this to your obligations... You're gonna ride for charity, that's what counts!
Hope this is helpful...
Take care!
I agree with Lili. :D
Do you have to raise a set amount for the CC ride? Is it something where you could "donate to yourself", much like the registration fee in the other ride?

And, is charity ride #2 something where you could take donations in addition to the registration fee?

Maybe you could send out a global "hey, I'm riding for charity, here are details if you're interested, no-pressure" type of email, regardless of which ride you choose. You might be surprised-- some folks like to donate to these things, even though they don't participate themselves.
I'm with you on the going up to people and asking for donations. Even if I've known the people for years, and would donate. Had to do it last year for the "owie box" run. Basically a run for children with cancer.I ended up putting a notice on the two bulletin boards at work to anyone that was interested to come see me. Go with what you're more comfortable with. It's usually your best bet.
I'd sign up for the 'straight' ride too.. I'm just like you, I don't like going over and asking money from ppl :( I have no idea why.. but I'd rather donate my money...
Are there a fair amount of people where you work. I find it easier to ask people at work, because we both know each other somewhat. I would not go door to door though, maybe just friends and family, if you are in a bike club I'm sure that they would support you. If it still isn't up your alley I would do the straight ride too.
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