Saturday, February 25, 2006


The Red Bike Diaries: Episode VII

Now we're getting somewhere!

Here I am again! And as promised, I have an update post on my project. You know, it is amazing how beneficial a little time off can be for you when you aren't feeling well. And not just because it helps you to recouperate from your ickies! ;-)

As you can see, much of the tree stuff is coming along very nicely. Granted, it has been a bugger and a half getting all of those leaves to stay put -they are not very closely spaced- but once I got started I just kept on going and going and... well, you get the idea. ;-)

I am starting to lean more and more towards not doing the sky stitches in the upper right hand corner. The more I see my progress, the more I think that it will be over much to stitch those stitches. The color of the fabric there is just too close to the colors used in that part of the pattern. (Not the best pic, but you can kind of get the idea...) Anyway, I am thinking that no stitches will be good stitches. ;-)

Oh, and check this out..
. One day while Kim and I were in Wal-Mart, I went to the liquor aisle to get my carbonated water (kind of a fill-in for all the soda I used to drink) and look what I found! It a French wine called "Red Bicyclette" Vintage 2003. ;-) This was so wild! Methinks that it is a sign of a good finish for this project. And, like most Big Events, I am planning on saving this for when I am all done and completed. Who knows? Mayhaps I will find some red bicycle wine glasses before I am done and Kim and I will be able to properly toast my completion.

Kim has just finished watching "Sleepless In Seattle", so I better go and help her get the tears out of her eyes... ;-p

Until next time, keep stitching and keep being happy!

This is coming along nicely, Greg! Nice work. And glad to hear you are feeling better.
Spring has sprung! Great work Greg. And it's nice to hear that you're feeling much better/
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