Thursday, February 16, 2006


The Red Bike Diaries: Episode VI

"gC" Stands for "green Color"

Hello again... I thought that it might be a good idea to post a posting. Tonight seemed like a good time. ;-) That and I finally took a couple of pics with the New Cam. (Of course, only this one was good enough to show...)

It is always interesting to see how a project emerges from a blank piece of fabric. This one is deffinately no exception. For some strange reason, I am only really able to see my progress on a project in the pics that I take of it. Like I said, strange... Am I the only one who is wierd like that?!? Just a thought...

Let's see... What else to talk about? Well, our warm weather is now a thing of the past. For now, at least... Yes folks, we have white slick snow stuff on the ground and thick warm coats on our backs. Oh, and ice on the windshields of our cars too. And on the roads... Anyway, it is cold out there and it looks like it will be for a while yet. (Oh boy, oh joy...)

As for my recumbent post... well... I don't really have any more than the following link: I did a Yahoo! or Google or some other search, and the link there seemed to be the best thing that I could find for an informative note about recumbents. I am still planning on doing a post specifically about Grape, but for now the link is about all I have to offer... What can I say? I have been a bit out of sorts of late... ;-)

ANYWAY... lol >gigling< watching "Dancing With The Stars" right now, and the old guy judge made a ha-ha... As the host guy said, "he gets the award for the best impression of a hardened artery"... (If you watched the show, you know what part I am referring to.) lol

Um... I guess I am out of words for now, so I better let you all go for now. We have a 3 day weekend coming up so I may actually put together that recumbent post. Or maybe just work more on The Red Bicycle... Stay tuned (and believe me, I DO really appreciate it) and I will post at you next time!

You're leafing out! All that green sprouting all over reminds me of spring starting to rear it's wonderful little head.
Wow! What a change since last pic! The green makes it all look so much warmer! Because with just the mud, well, it was -er wintery?! That could be the word... So, it's a great change! Ditto Bastet, in fact!
Take care!
This project is really coming along nicely. I like Kim's fabric-- it really works well for this.
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