Sunday, November 18, 2007


Stumbling Towards Updates

Nice Dress!

Hello again, folks! Thanks for coming back and seeing what I have been up to. As you can see, things are progressing nicely. I am roughly half way down Ms. Autumn's dress. If you look for the pumpkins and vines on the model stitch, you will get a better idea of exactly where: I am about even with them at this point. I am really happy with the way things are going.

However... I must admit that all this progress -and this post showing it off- hasn't come without a cost...

First off, the posting part. To start with, we recently got DSL here at The 'bent Needle. Sounds like a good thing, doesn't it? Well... at first it wasn't all that great...

To try and make a long story short (well, short for me at least) it took us an extra week to get it running -read: clerical error- and then a week later I managed to pick up a nasty Trojan Horse virus -read: nasty (censored) thing- while using it, which we found out only a couple of days later was imbedded deeper in The Machine than we had first thought -read: we should have done a 'deep scan' with the Super Anti Spyware program the first time out- so we had to redo the fix we had done to get it up and running again in the first place! Needless to say -as a result of all this higher speed fun- I have been a little bit leery of going online. But, we now have a plan of action to keep us 'safe' from the 'bad guys' (which one Tech we spoke with said was just the cost of having DSL) and things are running smoothly -for the most part- yet again.

Although I have to say, the fact that Photo Bucket was kind of bogged down earlier this evening did kind of freak me out yet again. Turns out they must have just been busy with folks wanting to post their Weekend Adventure pics or something...

The other, less dramatic part of the slow posting thing, is a simple case of overusing my stitching hand the last few days -Big Push time at work- and suffering from a bit of repetitive motion uncomfortableness as a result. What can I say? It slows down my stitching AND my typing as well... :-(

But enough of me for now. I want to say thanks to Joanne over at Periwinkle Ink for helping me find an error in my last post. It turns out that yes, I am still a bit rusty in my posting skills because I mistakenly made the link for Marita over at Stitch Pink a link to her (Joanne's) blog instead. Could have sworn that I copied that link right... Oh well, all is as it should be now with credit going where it belongs.

Well, that is all I have to say for now. I am thinking about updating my blog a bit to reflect all of the nice folks who have come by here with a link to their blogs listed under my Links column on the left there. (It's the least that I could do...) Wish me luck with that little bit of remodeling. :-)

And with that, I better head off to bed. It has been a long weekend and a short work week starts tomorrow. (How can it be Thanksgiving time again already?!?)

Happy Stitchy and I will type at you all later!

Hi GC, Thanks for the congrats! :) The stitching looks like it's coming along good, something to keep idle hands going during the winter months for sure. Looks like you guys got similar weather as us. I can't ride, but at least I get to dig out the XC skis again.
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