Thursday, April 19, 2007


Evangeline's Journey: Epoisode 9

Day 200: So close, and yet so far...

(Or: Why I have been in a 'blue funk' for a while now...)

Good morning, everyone! I hope all of your days are starting out good so far. ;-)

As you can see, I have made some fairly good progress on Evangeline since last we spoke. I can't say it enough: the more I finish, the better this project looks. ;-) Anyway... as you can see in the pic, there are about 4 shades of blue in Evangeline's dress but to be honest, it took seeing each part as it was completed to get the full effect of the shading. Needless to say, it all worked out good in the end. (But I said that already, didn't I?!? lol)

As of this point, I can officially say that Evangeline is half finished. (The bottom half, obviously...) Since taking this pic, I have started working on the rest of her 'shawl'. You can't quite see it yet, but that is the flowing looking stuff to either side of her. It should be an experience, since the part that I am currently stitching is the accents (or 'sparkly bits') in the shawl. In other words, they are like the red accents in the dress and spaced just as far apart. Combine that with the fact that I almost always have problems with my yellow flosses loosing their fluff (for lack of a better word) and getting extra tangled... Well, I am sure you get the idea. I will say that it should look extra good once it is done though. Watching the subtleties of the colors coming out as this project progresses has been an extra special treat. ;-)

Well, it is getting close to time to leave (and my 'carpal tunnel syndrome' is starting to kick in...) so I better make some closing remarks:

To Greg of Ohio: I peaked at your Wish List. :-O Did you ever get you hands on the "Frederick the Literate" project? I was wondering because we have it in our stash pile (got it from Kim's mum and haven't done anything with it yet). Let me know and I will see if we can gift it your way or something... ;-)

To Lili in regards to the Q-Snaps mentioned last post: well... I could do the leaning thing with the 'Snaps, but since I cart my projects around with me a lot it wouldn't be practical. Maybe for the smaller projects, but then my trusty 4" hoop would get all lonely and that wouldn't be fun...

To everyone else: have a good day, happy stitches, and sunny skies too!

Sure, I can imagine you arriving at work with a pillow to lean your Qsnap. Who would believe it? lol!!!
The shades of blue are wonderful: you're doing a great job!
Take care, you two!
She just looks better every time I see her! I agree with Lili on the qsnap and pillow! LOL! So funny that thought!
Hi! Evangeline is just gorgeous, I cant wait to see her finished. I love the colors. I'll check back again. Happy Stitching!!
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