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(Ah, shut up!!!)

Hello everybody! As I am sure all or at least most of you have heard by now, the Midwest got a real whopper of a snow storm last week. (Sunny skies Wednesday, the above look by Thursday.) Well, I guess this is what I get for mentioning all those robbins out by that tree last time...

I forget exactly how much snow we ended up with, but I recall hearing about accumulation amounts from as low as 6 inches to as high as 14 inches or more in some areas. The blizzard (severe weather) warnings that were flying around on Thursday were purportedly the first to hit this area in almost 10 years. (I remember those last blizzards. Not much fun...) Also, the 2 big Interstates as well as a few of the bigger Highways in the area were completely shut down for most of Thursday and at least half of Friday. Needless to say, neither Kim nor I went to work on Thursday...

Once things calmed down, I took this picture of a big tree across from our apartment building that really shows how snowy and windy things were. (As you can see, this was a pretty good sized tree...) Fortunately, neither Kim nor I got into any accidents or had any other weather related difficulties. And -since we were both home from work- we each managed to get quite a lot done on our projects.

On a cheery note, things here are brightening up and warming up and -thank goodness!- a lot of the snow has started to melt off. Granted, we still have some pretty good sized plow piles scattered around town. But with the warmer weather that we are supposed to be having this week, I am sure that those piles won't be too big for too long. And it is REALLY nice to be seeing blue skies again... :-) :-) :-)

And with that, I will let you all go for now. Happy stitchy, stay warm, and I will chat with you later!

That looks cold thank you very much! Glad our snow didn't stick! BRRRRR!
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