Thursday, January 04, 2007


>>>60th POST!<<<

(Well, it seemed like a good idea for a post title...)

Yes, true believers, I have FINALLY made my 60th post. True, I don't have much to say tonight, but I figured that my re-entry into the blogosphere should be made in baby steps.

What should I talk about? Well, I am sure that you all have been keeping up with my stitching over at Kim's blog. I do have some pictures of the 2 project presentations that I have made since my last post, but those will have to wait until the next time I post. (Hopefully this weeekend... I promise!)

I haven't really done any work on Grape for a while, but I am working on it. Just not right at the moment... On that front: suffice it to say that Grape has gone through some changes, with a few more on the way. Eventually... as soon as I get back to it...

On the Evangeline front: well... Let's just say that she is in Rip van Winkle mode at the moment. I DO plan on finishing her. Honest! It just so happens that I have been distracted by various and sundry other things for the last 2 months and... Well, you get the idea.

And as always seems to happen when I try to post, I need to stop and go to bed. (I am a slow starter and an even slower finisher...) I will let Kim keep you more posted on whatever else is distracting me -like our new set up for the computer here- and I will work on getting more stuff posted on the blog here. I hope to post again soon.

So until then, HAPPY NEW YEAR and all that good stuff and I will post at you all later!

P.S.: Thanks to those of you who took the time to come back and look again. I will try to be more prompt in my next postings... gC

Sometimes we need a break on projects! Both my hubby and I have worked on cross stitch projects that need to be put aside once in awhile! Congrats On the milestone in posting! I enjoy your work and Kim's!
Hi Greg! Happy New Year! So nice to hear from you! Looking forward to sunny days for you so Grape can take you for one of these lovely ride you've shared with us in the past...
Take care!
Hello!! So glad to see you back! Have I missed the photo of the dog finish? I don't recall seeing it finished (altzheimers' - mine?).
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