Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Oh Deer!

Hello all and sundry to the 'saw buck' blog entry!!! Okay, for those of you unfamilliar with American slang terminology, a 'saw buck' is a $50 bill. (I have no idea who thought of that, but it was a l o n g time ago...) And since this is my 50th post... Well, it seemed a bit appropriate. ;-)

ANYway... Since this is a 'buck' post, I thought I would post a pic of the deer that I am working on:

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Sorry for the way the pic looks, but the colors that I am stitching with at the moment are light browns and tans and the fabric is a light tan also. Believe me, it isn't the easiest to stitch on either. Kind of like the Wolf that I did on black... Oh well. It is a deer after all. I am sure it will look pretty good, once all the colors are all together and on the fabric. And if push comes to shove (another bit of American slang), I can always backstitch the whole thing in a darker light brown to show off the outlines of the deer. ;-)

In other news, the Tour is back on the road after a day of rest. Not only that, but Floyd Landis announced that, basically, his right hip is 'dead'; apparently as a result of a very nasty crash in 2003. He broke his hip, and now he has a condition called osteonecrosis -or bone death- a degenerative condition caused by lack of blood supply. I haven't read the entire article, but this link is an article that will be printed in the New York Times Sunday Magazine on July 16. I got the info on the article from Floyd's website / blog after Kim mentioned that she read about it while looking ahead to see who won today's Stage. (FYI: Oscar Freire won today...) We have jokingly been saying that -once Floyd gets his hip replaced- he will return as The Next Lance Armstrong and win 8 Tours de France with his NEW and IMPROVED TITANIUM HIP!!! (Well, it sounds good anyway...) lol All of our support goes out to Floyd as he goes through his hip related stuff. (Oh sure, we want him to do good in the Tour. But Kim and I are still cheering for George Hincappie!)

Okay, I want to close this post now. I am going to be working on another post similiar to the last bike post; hopefully with a bit more direction than that other one. ;-)

Everybody have a good time of things and GO GEORGE! GO FLOYD!! GO TOUR!!! ;-)
See ya...

This is a great start on the deer! I love wild animals, but I feel you have to be strong willed to stitch these... It's nice to see you stitch them in my place! lol...
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