Sunday, July 30, 2006


Evangeline's Journey: Episode 3

Day 6: Adding a Little Color

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Here I am! Back again as promised. (Miss me?)

As you can see, I have managed to get over (literally) the mistake I mentioned in my last post. And add a little color as well. I must say, I am really liking this shade of blue from Needlepaints. I have never used their flosses, but I think that I am going to enjoy using them on this project. AND I think that -as the pattern was designed- they will add quite a bit to the look of the completed project. I can hardly wait!

In other news... Well, not much. Gas prices are going through the roof, work at our works is maintaining its hectic pace, and the cat is still the cat. ;-p Nuff said.

Oh, and in the New Bicycle Department: let's just say that we are both putting the idea on hold for now. Friday I received the new handlebars that I had ordered -after a month of work and waiting- for Kim's bike. Unfortunately, they are so close to what are already on the bike that we are going to send them back. I feel a bit sorry for the poor gal at The Hostel Shoppe who has been so helpful over the last month. I hope that the returning of the bars won't be too big of a deal...

I think that I will let you all go for now. I need to finish my evening meal and then -grudge- get ready for work tomorrow. Oh boy, oh joy... ;-) (I like my job. REALLY! I just like my time off too...)

And with that... I will see you later. Happy stitchy and good night to all!

Hello! Wandering over from Kim's blog....

I'm watching your Evangeline progress with interest. I'm not convinced I like this one enough to buy it yet, but I've not seen it actually stitched.... Isn't the face over-1? Are you going to have to do some kind of conversion for aida?
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