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Evangeline's Journey: Episode 1

Day 2: Xs Mark the Spots

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(Too much fanfare? I wasn't sure...)

Anyway... Once I finished the other projects (see last post) I finally got the URGE to start on "Evangeline". It was calling to me, you might say... ;-)

I can honestly say that this one is going faster than I thought it would. Granted, I have only been working on it for 2 days now. But it is going pretty fast, considering how 'big' a project that it is. (Take another look at the pattern, and see what I am referring to...)

Some background for those who may not know what I am stitching:

The pattern is "Evangeline" by Lavender and Lace. Next to "The Red Bicycle" that I finished earlier this year, this is and will be my most complex project to date.

Also like "The Red Bicycle", I am stitching it on some of Kim's hand-dyed fabric. Since the pattern is designed to be stitched on 32ct linen -and I can't really see 32ct linen- I am using a 16ct Aida to stitch this project. Suffice it to say, I am able to stitch fairly well on this chunk of fabric. It is orange with a little bit of yellow in it. The flosses look pretty good on it.

Speaking of flosses, I am primarily using DMC flosses. There are also Needle Paints and also Splendor Designer Collection colors from Rainbow Gallery. These are going to make this one heck of a nice project once it is all done. I can't wait to see how they look on Kim's fabric.

And once the project is all done, I have a nice frame already picked out that will go very well with the completed project. It is a distressed (for lack of a better word) orangeish colored wood frame with little dimples in the wood. They give the frame the look like drift wood or older wood. Like I said, it has a bit of a distressed look to it. Can't wait to see this stuff all together!

Okay... X-p 2 posts in one night. Hard to believe it, but it is true. Of course, that may mean that I won't post for a couple of days or weeks, but that is okay. The progress pics will be worth the wait. ;-)

I hope that you all are haveing a good go of things and I will blog at you all as soon as I can get all the words together. ;-)

I'm too glad I took a look at your blog before turning down the puter for two weeks -just in case! It's great! I just love the way you choose the frame at the beginning. I've done it for my Dragons and this turns out to be an incentive!!! Can't wait to see your progress on Evangeline!
Take care!
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