Monday, June 26, 2006


Native Wolf update

Hello again all and everyone else too! (I told you all I would try harder to make more posts...) Anyway... Here is an update pic of the Wolf that I am working on now:

Whoa! That pic is bigger than I thought...

Well, here it is. I am at the point where I have only 1 color of cross stitching to do and then on to the half- and back-stitching. Methinks that I am about a week or so out from being done. With a little bit of luck, that is... Of course, with this being a long weekend here in the States (Independence Day is next Tuesday) I may get done sooner than that. It's hard to say... We shall see...

And then? Well... umm... Sorry. Kind of distracted by this goffy movie that Kim is watching called "Match Point". I will let the link do the talking about it. Suffice to say that -imho- it is a snoozer of a flick. It is distractingly B O R I N G to me but Kim says it is a good stitching movie. Oh well...

Anyway, I think that I am going to get started on "Evangeline" next. It is probably about time I stopped stalling and start thinking about stitching. Methinks I am just stalling... Oh well, it will get started and finished in due time.
(...okay, maybe that dumb movie isn't over yet...)

And speaking of time, I think that this is a good time to sign off. (Loosing my momentum and all that...) I hope everyone is having a good time of theirselves.

Chat with you all later if not sooner!

What a beautiful wolf!!
I like your wolf picture. I love wolves!
This is a very beautiful wolf!
I like Woody Allen's movies, they are perfect for cross stitching indeed: nothing happens, people just keep talking; so you needn't check the screen!
Take care!
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