Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Solitary Catharsis

(Plug "Silent Lucidity" by Queensryche into your i-pod for this one...)

Here I am again, just pounding (well, gently tapping) away at the keyboard to put forth info about my latest bike ride. Yes, I do remember how to ride Grape! It's just like... well... riding a bike. ;-)

ANYway... I FINALLY got around to riding on Monday. It was a bit cloudy and windy, but overall a good day to ride. First, I went and took the pic of the Lance Statue that I mentioned in my last post. Then I got to work getting out of town, literally...

My plan was to head north out of town towards the town of Ceresco. It is a fairly straight shot out of town, once I get out onto the highway. Here is a picture of that highway looking back towards town:

You can sort of see how cloudy it was. Not too bad as to not need sunblock, but cloudy just the same. (FYI: I did end up getting a little red, but that is for later in this post...) And in this next pic, you can see the road heading towards Ceresco:

Okay, so I am still a few miles out from town... But if nothing else, it shows you how open things are out there on The Road To Ceresco. ;-) It is kind of peaceful, in a solitary kind of way. The ride gave me a much needed break from the day to day hectic of things going on around here. You might even say that it gave me time to stop and smell the daisies! There were a lot of what I ended up calling 'ditch daisies' along the road. Very pretty, as the link to the pic shows...

Needless to say -sun and excertion of riding up and down and up and down and... hills notwithstanding- it was a pretty good ride. It took me almost 4 hours to do the entire thing. Me being out of shape helped that a bit, but it was still good to get out and ride. I can honestly say, though, that even though I enjoyed the ride I need to listen to Kim a little bit more and not try to do so much all at once. Work into it, you might say. ;-) I'm learning though...

Okay, with that little bit of wordage I will have to sign off. But not without doing the obligatory handing out of postcards that say:

Relaxing in Ceresco! Wish you were here.

Hi GC,

That looks just like around here when you get out of the city, looks like a nice ride, especially on the recumbent. I think we are having better weather then you though, it's been pretty nice here lately. I like the new project too, it's pretty cool.

Kim is right! You are getting old, Greg! You need to take care and not do all that at once! I'm only half kidding, btw...
This huge empty space and only my legs and courage to count upon: how frightening! Definitely not for me...
Take care!
Please update 'Road to Gay Paree', you must be close to a finish here? Too long since your last post, have 'mist' you!! You should take a leaf out of Kim's book and blog more often!!
Happy stitchy xxx - cross stitches!
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