Monday, May 29, 2006


The Road to Paris: Team Photo

Hello again, everybody! I have been really busy doing lots of things including stitching. But not so much photo taking or bike riding or blog posting. Today, however I have done a bit of the first two and thought I would work on the last one. So... here goes......

Here is the most recently taken pic of The Road To Paris:

Like I said, I have been doing a LOT of stitching...

I finished stitching the Cedrics last night. All I have left for this one is to have the Cedrics 'sign' their respective names, as well as a bit of back stitching to put a 'title' on the project as well as a little sign to mimic the "Paris 30 km" words on the plaque that this project got its ideas from. Methinks that the boys are looking pretty good. If you look here and here, you can get a closer look at them and judge for yourself... (Personally, I think the "Fool's Gold" floss on Lance's helmet is just P E R F E C T !!)

Oops! I need to sign off now. But first... Here are a couple of pics of my most recent Tour de Lincoln statue:

I may not have to say that this one is based on Lance Armstrong. Well, the 2003 version at least... ;-) Back then, he and his Tour de France winning team was riding for the U.S. Postal Service (hence, the stylized eagle motif on his shorts). We just happened to be driving around on Saturday and there it was! Kim couldn't figure out why I wanted to -more or less- do a u turn to go back and see it, but she humored me so I could look at it again. She is such a sweety to put up with my wierdnesses! ;-) Anyway... When I went out for my ride today -post to follow tomorrow?- my first stop was to this new (well, new to me) Shrine To The Greatness of Lance Armstrong! Okay, I just wanted to get a pic of it to show it off to you all. You get the idea...

Okay, I need to leave now. It is later than I wanted it to be and I need to go to work in the morning. (Oh boy, oh joy...) Y'all be safe and sound and stitchy and bikey and all that other good happy type stuff and I will blog at you some more tomorrow!

"On the Road to Gay Paree" Very nice, very quick!! Love the fabric too!!
I call San the Speedy Gonzalez of stitching, well -you definitely are the Lance Armstrong of stitching! Stop giving me such references!
It's a great sculpture!
Take care!
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