Friday, March 17, 2006


The Red Bike Diaries: Episode VIII


Hello everybody and Happy St. Patrick's Day! (For those who celebrate it, that is...) I FINALLY decided to post a progress pic of The Red Bicycle. And since it is St. Patrick's Day -and almost everybody will be wearing their green- and the project is practically dripping in green (at the moment) I would let you see what I looks like. So... Here it is:

I personally don't notice that much of a change from the last pic, but then again the stitches I have been putting in have been somewhat spartan. Kim called them 'confetti stitches' and if you think of what confetti is and how it is used... Well, methinks you can kind of get the idea as to how close together the stitches are. Fun, fun, fun... ;-p

Let's see... What else to say... Not much at the moment. We are expecting to get -in the words of a co-worker of mine- 'all the snow that we haven't gotten this winter all at once' this weekend. On the one hand, I think it will be a good thing: we need the moisture and another snow day would be kind of nice. ;-p On the other hand, it will cause havoc in my already "why isn't it REALLY Spring yet?!?" brain. (Yes folks, Cabin Fever is setting in pretty hard this week...) Stay tuned to The Weather Channel and see what happens to us.

Alrightythen. I better post and run so that I can get to work, do my work, and then head home from work. (Work, work, work... that is all I seem to do sometimes... lol)

Be safe, be warm, be happy, be stitchy!!! ;-)

Now, I understand why Kim just didn't want to stitch it... But it looks great already, and I can see all the hard work you've put in it already. I do! Sure!
I'll have a look at the weather channel this WE (stared for us, it's 8.45 pm). Stay at home, I still gotta read your last week end's ride, so that will do! lol!
And keep working on this red bike, the result will be stunning!
Take care!
Whoa! Green everywhere, except outside my window. Kinda looks and feels like early winter out there. Hard to believe that spring offically starts Monday.
Keep up the great work
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