Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I'm SOOOOO Confused...!?!

Now that things here have thawed out a bit, I thought that I would post about it...
Therefore... On with the post!

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Hello again. As I am sure you may have seen over at Kim's 'blog, Spring has... er... snowed on us.

:-( The pic on top is a shot of the tree outside our front window. The pic on the bottom is of a rather chilly squirrel. He is the same squirrel that Kim has over on her 'blog. This cute little bugger was running around frantically tying to remember where he had stashed his nuts before the 'real' winter hit. Needless to say, he appeared a wee bit freaked out. At one point, he looked
as though he didn't want to get out of his tree. Granted, he had been running around in the snow during the storm... Mayhaps he had cold feet. ;-)

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(This is a pic of the squirrel trying to decide wether or not he wanted to get down onto the snow one more time...)

It was an interesting snow storm. One moment it was gently snowing... the next it was snowing great big snow flakes, and then the moment after that it was either snowing smallerflakes or not at all. Like I said, an interesting storm. Add to that the fact that we ended up with over a foot of snow, and that last week it was almost shorts weather... Well, you can see why I say it was an 'interesting' snow storm. One thing that I can say though, is that it made for some interesting pictures...

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(This is a picture looking out onto the dog run outside of our apartment building...)

Other interesting things to show and tell: When last we went to Wal-mart, Kim and I decided to get a new catnip toy for Jessie. We couldn't find the one we were originally looking for, so we thought we would try this cardboard laced with catnip thing. Do you think Jessie likes it?

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Suffice to say, she wouldn't leave the thing alone for most of the rest of the day once we brought it home... ;-)

In 'The Red Bike Diary' world: I have taken up needle and floss again and am now back to working on it again. Intermitently, but working nonetheless. I managed to get a good bit of it done during the snow storm, but haven't really done anything interesting enough to take an update pic of it. Let's just say that the 'tree' is filling out nicely. I will do some more work on it and then make an actual update post about it.

Note to FLYBYU: Congratulations to you and Tina on your impending nuptials! You 2 make a really cute couple.

Notes to San and Lili: keep your eyes upon your post boxes. That is ALL the hinty poos you 2 are going to get... >:-)

Everybody else: hope you are having a good (snow storm free) day, things are going well for you all, and you are all staying safe and warm.

Until next time...
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Thank you GC! Wow looks like you guys got some of our spring weather :) Pretty nasty stuff, oh well, it will be summer pretty soon........
What beautiful pics! This is the kind of things we never ever see here, except on TV. Well; we live in the Flanders, a very flat landscape at sea level or under... our parents used to see such things as kids, with windows frozen INSIDE their house, but now, we barely see snow... And we don't have many squirrels around here. So thanks for sharing all these wonders (yes! wonders! even this funny storm...).
I am over curious, Greg! Just can't wait to see what comes in my letter box! Now I'm off to read, at last, your post about your ride a fortnight ago... Better late than never! That's a lesson: I should stop keeping the best for the end, just in case I never find the time to enjoy it... which I plan to do now! No kids, mom is not home! mom is riding a bike out there in Nebraska!
Take care!
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