Friday, March 31, 2006


I take it all back

Hi all! Remember how I said in my last post that I would take rain over snow any day? Well... Yesterday made me want to change my tune a bit.

We had been getting told that there might be some soggy weather coming our way for the weekend. To make a long story short, we got a LOT of soggy weather yesterday afternoon. Right about time to come home from work, in fact. Oh boy, oh joy... :-(

There were VERY high winds (tornado type high winds) and bucket loads of rain. In fact, there was talk on the radio that there was even a tornado touch down in mid town! Pretty scary...

I personally had to make a run to the Post Office for work, and was in it at about the time it was all happening. RAIN, WIND, stuff flying everywhere... Oh, and the Post Office was closed down temporarily because of it too. Wasted that trip out into the nasty weather... :-(

Upon returning to work from the failed Post Office trip, I noticed that there was a lot of... somethingortheother on the road in front of the building. Come to find out, the wind was so bad there for a bit that one of the chairs from the patio of the 5th floor cafeteria (clarification: the cafeteria on the 5th floor has an outdoor patio) had been picked up by the wind an hurled into the cross walk from the parking garage to the main building! THAT explains the stuff all over the road: it was sky walk glass! (I sure hope I don't have a flat tire this morning...) I will try to get a picture of the -probably covered up by now- sky walk damage for to post here.

Other than that... Things were fairly boring here yesterday. Thank goodness it is Friday, because I am getting tired of this week. (Gloomy days will do that to me...)

Anyway... Go and have a good and safe (and DRY) day and I will post at you later!

This is really frightening! Do you often have such tornados over there?
Watching weather forecasts is a real precautionary measure, in this situation!
Now I'm off to read smiley's adventures at work...
Take care!
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