Thursday, March 09, 2006


Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

(Fear not, true readers! This has nothing to do with Kim and I...)

Hello again, everybody! I just wanted to make a post to let folks know that I am diversifying my portfolio. Sotospeak... ;-)

It isn't that I am giving up on stitching, or even biking (as if!) No... I have just decided to split things up as far as how I do my blogging; when I do blogging, that is. >:-)

Do I have you all curioused up yet? Well, let me just say that if you are then you will just have to go to this page and see what I have to say... (Yes, I do have a way of being sneaky when I want to.)

And just so you all know, I AM going to be doing more on The Red Bicycle soon. Just not tonight. It's kind of late and all that, you know? lol

Okay, off to bed with you all and me and Kim too. Have a good night and I will blog with you soon!

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