Tuesday, February 07, 2006


The Red Bike Diaries: Episode V

There's a tree growing in my project!!!
Welcome back! As you can see, I haven't been totally idle since my last post. A little out of sorts perhaps, but not entirely idle. ;-)

I have pretty much finished the 'ground'. There are a few places at the upper end of it where there are more stitches, but for the most part it is done. Now I am on my way up. To the upper half of the project, that is. The color of the 'wheels/tires' is the same as the color of the 'tree trunk' so up into the tree was a good direction to head.

In regards to a comment from Nancy in Illinois, yes this project is indeed stitched on a 14ct, hand-dyed fabric. It is one of Kim's, as a matter of fact. As I may have mentioned in a previous post, the subtle hints of pink and green that Kim managed to create in it were a perfect compliment to the colors in the 'sky' in the upper part of this project. (Believe me when I say that the progress pics I take don't really do this fabric justice...)

And speaking of pics... (drum roll please) Kim was so taken by the fact that I really didn't like the other, cheaper camera that we had bought me that she decided to give me a NEW camera for Valentine's Day! Granted, it is a couple of weeks premature... But hey, we were at the store, the camera was at the store, and things just fell into place. (Pics with New Camera coming soon...)

In closing, I just want to send a note out to FLYBYU and say that yes, Grape is a Vision (brand) recumbent bicycle. I have been planning on doing a "Interesting Facts To Know And Tell" post about it sometime in the future. Probably this weekend, if things work out right. Stay tuned and see...

Until then, happy stitchy!!!

Now there's a tree! And a wonderful sky, you're right! Kim's hand-dyed fabrics are wonderful!
Take care!
My DD just said I couldn't be writing to a boy who cross stitched as boys don't do cross stitch! So I'm off to Kim's blog to show your pic!LOL
You are making excellent progress, Greg! Congrats!
YOu're making wonderful progress Greg. Which part are you heading towards now?
That's coming along well!=)

Come over and see mine some time.

Elisabeth, UK=)
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