Monday, January 30, 2006


The Red Bike Diaries: Episode IV

Even more dirt under The Red Bicycle...
(I think that I am going to need my wheels trued when I am done...)

Welcome back to my blog! (2 posts in one day... cool!)

Okay, above I have the most recent progress pic of The Red Bicycle. I have completed the second color of the 'dirt' on the bottom half of the pattern. As Kim said earlier as I was proofing the preliminary pics, you can really see more and more of the design the further along I get. So far so good, eh? ;-)

The next color will be a darker gold. The darker color of the 'dirt' is a blending of a light brown and a light gold, so that may or may not give you an idea as to the color. Can't wait...

Kim made another interesting comment: why do you stitch just one color at a time? Well, I don't always plan to. But it just seems to happen more often than not. In this case, the color that was at the center of the design -I always start a project in the middle- just happened to be the last color on the list. Once I finished that one, I just continued to move up the line of colors until I got to where I am now. Pretty simple and straitforward. That and -unless the pattern makes it too difficult- I like to finish all of the stitches of one color before moving on to the next one. Kind of my way of keeping track of where I am on a project. Maybe a bit strange, but hey it works for me. ;-)

Nothing really to say in regards to biking stuff tonight. As nice as it was this weekend, it was a cold one today. (And I was just feeling lazy too so...) Hard to say when next I will be talking biking stuff. Stay tuned and see what happens when.

Alrightythen! Time to pack it in for today and get this post posted. (I think there is the name of a breakfast cereal in there somewhere...) Chat with you all later and have a good time until the next time!

Hello, just realized I hadn't checked your blog in a while so I decided to stop in and see what's up. The Red Bicycle looks like it's coming along good, can't wait to see the finished product. Thanks for the compliment on the bike :) I was wondering what type yours is (a Vision?) I really like the long wheel base bikes with underseat steering, I think one might be in the cards for a possible next bike. Glad to see that the weather is nice for you so you can get out and do some riding, looks beautiful there! Well I should get going, I'll check back in soon..
hey, I stitch by colours too ! I don't understand people stitching stitch by stitch... all those colour changes you have to rethread the needle, etc....

So you're not so strange after all !!!
You've made wonderful progress on the red bike. Though you really should be careful about riding through all that dirt. The bike doesn't seem to be built for it. You may have to pound the wheel frames back into shape. ;)
Keep up the great work!
So you're stitching by colours?! This is what I did when I started, but I tend to make too many mistakes, and I like finishing parts of the chart, it helps me figure out how it will turn, and see mistakes faster as well!... Your method (and San's) means you must be very concentrated when stitching!
What about Kim? How does she organize her stitching then?
I like to see how other stitchers do, I have found it very helpful more than once!
Couldn't find that breakfast cereal name... What is it?
Always nice to read your posts!
Take care!
I sometimes do the "all one colour" thing on small coverkits, but never tried it on a big design. Cool to see a male stitching. You are a rare breed.
Like Kim, I stitch by area rather than color - mostly.

Your project is coming along great - I really enjoy watching the progress!
Love that fabbie!!! Looks from here like hand-dyed. I'm going to love the finished design. I just love still life designs, and you chose a good one. Kim is a blogging friend of mine, so I just had to put you on my list of blogs to read. Nice stitching!
all right, two posts in one day was eight days ago! Have you stitched since then? Will this poor bike soon see something else than mud? even gold mud?
Take care!
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