Monday, January 30, 2006


An Early Morning Post

I've had it! (Not breakfast yet, but working on it...)

I went out for a ride yesterday -weather chilly and windy but sunny- and thought I would take the cheapy cam with me and take some pics along the way. Seemed like a good idea at the time at least. Anyway, I get out on my ride and am make fairly good progress down the trail. At an overpass I decide to stop and take a picture. Take out the cam, and it beeps a low battery warning at me. Well (deleted)! :-( Oh well... That is the thing about taking pictures on a bike trail: the things you take pictures of are more or less always in the same place. I should be able to get more pictures at a later time...

In "Red Bike Diary" news: I am proceeding slowly but surely. I am almost done with the second color of the ground and should have that done by Wednesday, if not tomorrow. Hopefully, I will be able to take some update pics with the good camera and post them soon.

Well, I better get going for my busy day. Everybody have a good day and I will post at you later!

Awwww, you didn't tell me about the camera debacle. Poor guy! I guess you will have to take the "good" camera from now on. :)
Low battery... That reminds me of my cell phone: I forget it, or it's low bat. And now, it's low bat and I forgot in what "safe" place I placed the charger... I don't need it anyway, but it's getting on my nerves, really... Anybody seen my cord? Because I'm quite sure it can't be you, Greg, who folded it and secured it... I don't even have an excuse like Kim...
Glad to read that you have finished more mud. How many shades does it include?...
Looking forwaord to new pics.
Take care, Lone Rider!
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