Thursday, December 15, 2005


You Like Me! Your Really Like Me!!

(With all due respects to Sally Fields, I just couldn't resist...)
WOW! That is about all I can really say. I didn't think that this blog thing would take off like it has (not that it has gone very far yet...) or have quite as many viewers as it has had! Totally and completely amazed. Thanks to all and everyone who has wandered by for a look see.

I still haven't gotten started on The Red Bicycle, but I am getting closer to starting. (Honest! Really!) Things are a little bit busy here, what with the holidays and the HUGE work load at work (...we are in our Busy Period and the machine I run has been acting up...) so I haven't taken much time to stitch. Yes, I do tend to have periods of laziness in my stitching life... ;-)

And now for a quick rant:
As I am sure all of you out there know, the U.S. has been over in Iraq fighting George's Dirty Little War (aka The Irag Conflict). Personally, I think it has been a bad idea since before the start but there is little that I can do but rant about it. Don't get me wrong. I am all for ousting dastardly dictators and bringing democracy to those with out it. But I still think that the whole Iraq thing was just a way for G.W. to make himself look good...

So needless to say, I was all "About damn time!" when I saw the following story on the Yahoo! news this a.m.:

Basically, George admits that he (excuse me, we the U.S.) may have gone in there with bad intelligence. (That opens up a whole other rant and heckle, but I will leave that alone for a while...) Anyway... I just had to get that off my chest.

Well, the morning is slipping away from me so I better sign off for now. (Gotta go do that work thing after all...) Everybody have a good and safe day and I will chat at you all later!


I seem to be late.... I talked about your blog on mine though. Welcome to blogging ! No more hidding behind Kim !!!

DBF isn't playing his guitar so much (;)), but the closest he would go to stitching is designing stuff or me to stitch him ;)
At least he's wearing my stitching proudly.

Now you'll have to tell us all about being a male stitcher, as there's so few of you (at least in the blogging world!).

So keep on blogging !!!!

Have you seen narnia yet? what about King kong?
A new post! I see you took the hint... LOL Gotta give us something to read or we will riot! ;p Hope your work is going better today than the day before and the day before that. ((hugs)) I won't go into the whole GW issue, there's not enough web space. LOL... And I can't speak for everybody else, but I know I *like* you, you are just so darn cuddly. :D
From here, with our "beloved" Pdt Chirac, (rotten like yours), "we" have always been against the war. Of course, we are... Everybody is...

Since I read Michael's Moore pamphlet that told the story of his first election with all the treachery, I know that America is not the land of the free...
France neither probably, it's just hidden better. But the way "your" President manipulates opinion, only the WASPs, true believers in God and so on are pure is really teasing for us, non-americans... Thank you, George! Victims of Katrina, essentially black, so agree with you...

Also, we feel that the US intervene where wealth (oil) is, and don't do anything against the genocides in African poor countries or in Tchetchenia. Europe neither. Why?

Whatever: to maintain peace, we have a free organization: the UN. It has no power. What efficient power should it have, compatible with peace?

The USA's Pdt is trying to be the sheriff of the world, but he won't intervene in poor suburbs. Great! Poor american people, poor oil-less countries? Can't tell, I guess Iraq's inhabitants wish they had no oil...

Now, for more pleasant subjects: Can't wait to see this reb bike from a little bit closer. It took you some time to make this post! I was always delaying those at first too...

It's the first time I see a "political" issue on a blog partially dedicated to cross -stitch... Ain't it dangerous?

Don't hesitate to comment or explain, I'm always happy to learn and see things from a different point of view. I might have said stupid things, so you may also delete, but please e mail me to explain why!...

Take care!
No problems, Lilli. (As to the political stuff, that is...) I was just in the mood to blog speak -at Kim's behest, of course- and the thing about GW just happened to be on the front page of My Yahoo! so... ;-) And like you I like that fact that Michael Moore is out there shining a light on GW. About time someone does... Oops! There I go ranting again. ;-) For Sandriene and all: I will make an effort to post a "Needle's Eye From the Stitching Guy" kind of post in the future. But first, I need to get my >explict comment< work done first... Cheers!
I'm so glad that people like my husband have the guts to go over to Iraq and fight so you can write what you just wrote in your blog and not be killed for it, because before this war if you were an Iraqi-Saddam would off your head!
I've come across political discussions on stitching blogs... I mean, it's part of life, and if you talk about life and what you think on your blog, it would be very boring, let's face it... ;)
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