Sunday, December 11, 2005


The Red Bike Diaries: Prologue



(...well, it wasn't that long ago and it was actually in the stash basket...)

Okay, so I am not George Lucas. But I really admire the way he can stitch together a tapestry of characters, places, and events into something like his Star Wars saga. And the fact that he has been working on it for nearly 30 years, is a true testament to perserverence!

So what does that have to do with red bikes, diaries, and stitching? Not much, really. But it seemed like a good transition from the Star Wars opening credits idea I had for the beginning of this post to the beginning of my chatting about My Next Big Project...

Image hosted by

These are the bits and pieces that I am going to use to stitch and finish a project that Kim had originally started a little over 2 years ago: "The Red Bicycle" by Borderlines. It was something that I had talked her into getting and stitching for me -I hadn't started stitching for myself yet- but it ended up not being her type of project. (Too much light color onto light color stuff...)

I plan on using the floss that originally came with the project. (Saves me the trouble of deciding on the colors myself...) However, I have decided to toss the original fabric in order to stitch this on some of Kim's hand dyed frabric. It is blue with hints of pink and green hiding in it. I think it is perfect for the idealic setting of the

No, Greg! According to what I read on blogs, I don't think many of us decide how to finish the project before even starting!
For me, it usually takes shape while stitching, sometimes, never: my drawers are filling up with fully stitched unfinished projects...
Question: will you have enough walls for the couple's projects, or use a rotation system? It's a chance Kim can sew very well too! Do you intend to learn this or leave it to Kim?
Take care!
How kind of you to link me, Greg! Thanks!
Hey Greg, how great that you and Kim can swap and share like this! Looking forward to seeing pictures of this project as it comes together.
Hey Greg! Its nice to be able to share your hobby with your loved ones! Lucky Kim :)

I, for one, do not plan on finishing a piece before I start stitching! LOL.. Like Lili (and many more stitchers), I have a drawer dedicated to unfinished pieces :)
I have to share your blog with my hubby, as he just picked up his fist cross stitch project this week! It is so nice to know there are men out there who enjoy stitching! you have done some nice stuff, I was especially excited about Night eyes, (I think it was your first biggie) because I have that one in my stash as well. Happy stitching!
Hi Greg,
I'm glad you have changed the color back, from black, I think black is to much, to heavy!
Maybe blue, for this is a male page!:o)
Look at Angelsan she has blue as a color.
Your question:
I only think about the size of the fabric, because it's silly to finish if there is not enough fabric, or to much!
Thinking about frames and mats is something I almost never do in advance...
Maybe this is the male approach, interesting.
You are the third or (fourth?) male stitcher I found just by blogreading female stitchingblogs these last days!
I think its great you share hobby's with Kim!
The color of the Lillies frame looks great!
Bye Juul :o)
Hi greg,

Welcome to the blogging world. I don't usually plan the finishing of a project. it only happens when I have set in my mind what I want to do. Usually though I find myself stitching something because I like the pattern but have absolutely no idea what I am going to do with it.
I don't normally know how I'm going to finish a project till after it's done or possibly after letting it sit in the bench for awhile till I need a quick gift. The larger ones tend to be atomatically slated for framing. Usually it's a case of what can I do with this.....

Can't wait to see some progress!
I did thought of how to finish it before I start stitching but along the always ends up differently or into the unfinish drawer.

It's nice to know that you and Kim loves cross-stitching, I do hope Singapore guys would not think it as only for women. You are a role model. By the way, I'm showing your works to my male colleagues (hope they take the hint and pick up the needle)
The fabric you chose for this project is great! I'm looking forward to watching your progress on it.

As for finishing... I don't usually know how I am going to finish something before I start, but there are a few exceptions. On several occassions, I've purchased the mats for a project before it was started. There is only one where I've bought the frame before starting a project, and that was b/c it's a companion piece to something I've already stitched and framed.
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