Saturday, December 17, 2005


Now I've done it...

( of these days, I will learn to keep my mouth shut...)

I just want to go on record and say that I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO ARE IN THE ARMED FORCES FIGHTING AGAINST TERRORISM. I know folks who are or were in the military and I really appreciate the sacrifices that they make. I fully realise that they are over there doing a job so that I can do what I do; like have my own opinion.

In other news: I have decided to put my wolf project on hold for the time being. (It just isn't doing anything for me, for some reason...) Therefore, I have decided to do a quick little project that Lili sent Kim and I lately. (Remember the 'Drunken Santa', Lili?) She also sent us some more fabric so that is what Santa is going onto. It should look really nice once it is done. Thanks again, Lili! (Progress pictures to follow...)

Is it that time already?!? Looks like I better get a move on so that Kim and I can go do GiftMess (Christmas, in most parts of the world) with my father. Have a good day and I will get all chatty with y' all later on!


Don't sweat it! DH is in the military and we both feel the same way "'bout time!" :)
I agree: the brave soldiers have never been concerned with what we said. We admire them, and we're lucky to have them, and we have a special thought for their families who wait for them eagerly!
Drunken santa: are you going to stitch him really? Are you kidding me?
I was wondering why we didn't see any progress pic of your wolf... Not in the mood? No snow in Nebraska to remind you of the hungry wolves? Or too much snow may be. Then you should stitch your wolf for refreshment on warm summers?
Happy giftmess with your dad!
Take care!
Why can't I see your santa before he's finished? Do you intend to place a bottle in his hand? lol
Enjoy it, Greg! San told me you didn't like santas so we're both eargerly waiting to see what you're going to do with this one...
Take care!
He's got hands?!? lol No, it just seemed like the thing to say when I said it. (I have no idea why...) Pictures will follow, it is just that I don't know how well you will be able to see what is done so far... Until next time...
Have fun stitching the projects. Just to keep you motivated...have you seen this site? They have HUGE projects..and there's an interview about a male stitcher stitching such a huge project...Ann.
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