Friday, December 23, 2005


It's A Small World After All

...I am going to try and make this post one more time. If it doesn't pan out, I am just going to not post under this title...

Anyway... yesterday I was able to leave work an hour early (something of a GiftMess gift from one of the Big Bosses). I decided to take my father some chilli that I had made for our GiftMess Food Day. Once I had left it there, I decided that on my way out of town I would look up the new location of my friend's massage school. Needless to say, I was amazed that it was in the location that it was in! (I am familiar with the area.) But that wasn't the half of it! Once I got inside and spoke with the receptionist, I was surprised to see MY COUSIN! Major shocker, there folks. It turned out that cuz was in the early stages of the program. Good job, cuz!

After the 'reunion', I was shown around the rest of the New Place for the School. Remember how I said that I was amazed at the location? Well, that wasn't the half of it. THIS NEW LOCATION IS HUGE... Well, relatively speaking of course. It is at least twice as big -maybe more- in size from the previous location. And spacious? OMG!!! Suffice it to say that I think P made out like a bandit with this place. Ask Kim: if I can't find words to describe something, I AM IMPRESSED! Whoa...

Ahem... Sorry... I got a little bit emotional there. Won't happen again. (I hope...)

Okay... Enough of that. Back to stitching stuff. Well... Maybe not. I am afraid to say that the nifty camera that Kim got for me for GiftMess is not necessarily made for close up pic taking. In fact, the owner's manual says that the best pics occur when the pic taker is about 3 feet (1 meter for my International Fans) away from the thing to be pictured. ...orsomethinglikethat... ;-) I can say that I do -finally- have a picture of the Santa. Unfortunately, it is currently being held captive in the other camera. Darn it. And I was sooo wanting to show Lili my progress on it too. However... If I can find a way to pry the pic out, I will make a point of posting it. HONEST! REALLY!! FOR TRUE TOO!!! (you believe me, right?!?) Keep you fingers crossed, folks. ;-)

Did you hear that? That thunking noise you just heard was the sound of my word bucket hitting the floor after running empty. (2 hours of working on a post can do that...) Anyway... I will let you all get back to whatever you were doing before you started reading this post and I am going to go to bed. Long weekend coming up and I may need my energy reserves to keep ahead of Kim and her kin. Just kidding... I enjoy going to their house. VERY relaxing...

Okay, see you next time.
Happy stitchy and happy holidays too!

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