Saturday, December 24, 2005


Ho, Ho, >hic< ... The First Pic

...of the so called "Drunken Santa". See? I TOLD you I would post a pic... And, I finally figured out -with an almost audible forehead slap- why come for I wasn't able to get this pic off of the camera: I forgot that I have to turn the camera on in order to get a pic off of it. Grrr... Oh well, I guess I need to remember and relearn somehow or the other.

Please excuse the apparent brightness of the pic. I am stitching with white floss on a light colored fabric and, as I am sure you might guess, it isn't the easiest thing to see; not even for me and I am the one doing the stitching. Well... It seemed like a good idea to stitch a pattern that Lili sent me on a piece of the fabric that she sent me too. That and the fact that I sooo love the 'fiddler cloth' -I think that is what you call it- type fabric. (Please correct me if I am wrong, Lili.)

I would have posted this sooner -once I remembered how to get the pic, of course- but have been too busy figuring out how best to take pics with my new cam (distances of more than a meter, that is the key) as well as doing the GiftMess thing with Kim's folks. It has been a good, albiet long, day todagh, The Project that Gary Schneider is working on is an inspiration, let me tell ya! (106,000 stitches on 26ct linen... YIKES!) "Someday... But not today..." I heard that in the movie "The Gladiator" starring Russell Crowe. Good flick.

And lastly, I just want to once again assure you all that I have not forgotten about The Red Bicycle. I just happened to set the preprations aside in order to do the Santa, that's all... ;-) My plan/goal is to start on it after the beginning of 2006. That way, I will have a good idea as to how many monthes it will take me to get it done. Befoer summer, I hope... jk

Okay... I have typed up too much space as it is with this post so I am going to go and let someone else hog the 'net for a while. Special thanks to Kim's mom for allowing me to use her computer to post this post. (Take a much deserved bow, Mom In Law...) Now, off to look at other stuff and maybe just maybe go to sleep too.

Chat with all and sundry soon if not sooner!

Hi Greg and Kim,
Merry Christmas!
Juul :o)
We call this fabric "mottled or chiné fabric". I had to look for the "fiddler" word in the dictionary but they talked about violin player or swindler. It doesn't make any sense...
Your santa looks quite drunk already! Well done, Greg!
Take care you two!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the both of you. Ann.
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