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I think I may be getting the hang of this blog stuff. Or at least I am getting a bit of a handle on it... (Thanks muches and bunches go to my loving wife for the help with it all too!)

Anyway... I (finally) managed to find the blog that I have listed in my links tonight. It pertains to 2 things that I like to do but haven't done as much of as I would have liked to recently: bike touring and photography. I must say that I am more encouraged to ride this upcoming season after having seen Robert's pictures and I may even get into the habit of taking pics of the rides too. That is the plan at least. We will see what happens...)

Well, it is getting late -for me at least- so I better cut this short. I am hoping to get a post up in the next day or so to show my stitching stuff too, so be on the look out for that. Watch this space for the upcoming "The Red Bike Diaries" within the next couple of weeks or so too! (Trust me, it will make some sort of sense eventually...)

Until next time, keep your wheels true and your stitches crossed.

"The Red Bike Diaries" That sounds kind of racy to me...should I be worried? ;p Be warned, I am passing your blog link out to the stitching ladies. (heh, heh)
Hi G.,

I just came over from your lovely wife's blog to have a look, and I just have to say:

Go, G., Go!

I like your style, and your wife's fanclub will be on the look out for more stories!

I'm fond of the "Red Bike Diaries" already, great tittle!

Bye, say my hello's to K.
You did a great stitching job on the Lilies!

Juul :o)
Yep! Your wonderful wife's friends (I mean that Kim is wonderful, not me) will be here to encourage you, even if -as far as I'm concerned- I haven't been on a bike for about 15 years... These bent bikes are very very special! Never seen one before! Do you find many in the States? I wonder if they're more comfortable than "normal" ones. Just asking...
So, my part being cross-stitch, I wanted to tell you personally -although I'm sure Kim tells you it all- that I'm very admirative on your achievements!
Getting used to blogging is quite a difficult part for me, and you're very lucky that your DW helps you. My DH did at first, and now I'm the one who teaches him a few things... once in a while.
Take care!
Thanks all! I appreciate the support muches and bunches. Yes, Lilli, recumbent bicycles are found here in the states, yes -imho- they are more comfortable then "regular" bikes (I do have one of each though...), but they are still a bit of an oddity here in the states. I won't -for now- bore you wiht details about them. That is for later... ;-) Thanks again all and chat with you again later... (P.S.: The Red Bike Diaries are getting closer... Keep looking...) gC
Hey, Greg, welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. Looking forward to seeing some of your great stitching pics here!
For my part I have to state that as a female, recumbent bikes are MORE than just comfortable, they are a god send! LOL
It's like sitting in a chair and pedaling a bike, well okay a bit more complicated, but same principle. Of course the trick is, as w/ any bicycle, getting out of the house and actually "riding" it. ;D
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